Landmarks of Philadelphia, United States

Philadelphia is a city in the east of America and falls under the state of Pennsylvania. It is the sixth largest state in the United States. Philadelphia therefore has more than 1.5 million inhabitants, most of whom live in the Delaware Valley. Philly has a slightly subtropical climate, which is also considered humid due to its location around the water. The city has a considerable historical charge which is reflected in more than 67 environments and buildings that are classified as historical. In addition, Philadelphia also has many sights that attract many visitors every year. Some examples are the Independence National Historic Park and the Liberty Bell which is the symbol of freedom. In Philly you can also visit the Eastern State Prison where Al Capone stayed. These and more sights characterize the city and its wealth of history and culture.

Philadelphia ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

Old City

Old City in Philadelphia represents the origin of Philadelphia and is immediately the first city in America to be seen and recognized as a World Heritage Site. Old City is characterized by the cobbled streets that exude the charm of the 18th century. The district is located near Independence Mall. Here you can experience and taste the America of the past. Old City is full of authentic restaurants and bars. But, Old City is also the place to be for various art galleries, boutiques and other cultural and historical sights. Old City has a vibrant nightlife and is loved by tourists and locals alike. An art tour of the city is highly recommended.

Independence National Historical Park

This park laid the foundations for America as we know it today. The Independence National Historical Park is therefore a series of monuments that take us back to history. The park is also home to the likes of Congress and Independence Hall. At the time, both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of America were signed here. To admire all these symbols of freedom, it is best to take a tour through the park. You will not miss any of the important facts and the sight of the impressive buildings.

Eastern State Penitentiary

A visit to the Eastern State Penitentiary is both impressive and chilling. Although the appearance of the building has an almost romantic and castle-like appearance, it is quite eerie on the inside. The prison served as a role model at the time and has inspired many other American and foreign institutions. Some blocks have been made suitable for visiting. On a self-guided tour, you can see the appalling conditions under which the prisoners, including Al Capone, lived at the time. You can also visit death row and it is therefore more than worth it. The facade on the outside of the building is also impressive. The narrow towers on the corners of Eastern State Penitentiary are not real, by the way. These were built at the time to give a warning that you did not want to stay here.

Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is, of course, inextricably linked to America’s independence. This was in fact signed on July 4, 1776, whereby the constitution was immediately drawn up. The Liberty Bell symbolizes this freedom. You’ll find the Liberty Bell Center near Independence Hall. You can admire the clock with the recognizable large crack in the Center, to which the entrance is free. If you are in Philadelphia and want to visit the Liberty Bell, you can of course combine it with a visit to the Independence Hall.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

You don’t just visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art if you are an art lover. Even if you are a fan of Rocky, you should of course not miss a visit to the famous stairs. These are known from the movie of the same name in which the Hollywood actor climbed the stairs several times. Next to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art you will also find a statue of the movie hero. The museum itself regularly hosts exhibitions on various art forms from American artists. You can admire not only statues and paintings, but also jewellery, glassware and textiles. You can also make a nice purchase in one of the shops, or enjoy a drink in the bar of the museum.

One Liberty Observation Deck

The One Liberty Observation Deck gives you a panoramic view of the city where you can observe special buildings. Admire the 360-degree view from One Liberty Place on the 57th floors. The fast elevator that takes you to this great height is an attraction in itself. On a clear day you can see City Hall, the stadium and the Ben Franklin Parkway from the observation deck. On top of the deck you can use various screens on which you can easily zoom in on parts of the city. Through various audio zones, hear interesting stories about both the culture and history of Philadelphia.

Reading Terminal Market

Lover of delicacies? Then you should not miss a visit to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. The market is located in a covered hall and is the gathering place for all kinds of local delicacies. From well-known ice cream brands to donuts, hot dogs and specialties that the locals like to eat. If you are curious about the cuisine of the Amish, you have come to the right place within the Reading Terminal Market. In addition, the old market hall in which the market is held is one of the oldest in America. The building has been around since 1893. A market that once started in a small barn, has now grown into one of the largest markets where you can of course buy delicacies, kitchen utensils and fun cookbooks. Prefer to use a complete meal? There are also several restaurants near the Reading Terminal Market.

Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia is basically a museum. It is true that the art collection was created by a private collection of drug developer Albert Coombs Barnes who lived from 1872 to 1951. In the Barnes Foundation you will find a legendary and impressive collection of works of art. They have been alternately made by big names such as Renoir, C├ęzanne, Picasso and Gauguin. In addition to the museum with various works of art, the Barnes Foundation also consists of landscaping art which you can admire in the adjacent botanical garden.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

With a visit to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, you walk straight into a surreal fairy tale. While this name might detract from the art of artist Isaiah Zagar, this is how you might describe this network of colorful mosaic stones and other wacky objects. Via stairs you walk through a maze of narrow streets which are all inlaid with mosaic. You can also view objects made of bicycle wheels and glass bottles, among other things. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is definitely a must if you want to see something special. Everywhere you look you can discover special works of art.

Philadelphia City Hall

Philadelphia City Hall is known to Americans as City Hall. This imposing building can count itself among the tallest in the world in terms of masonry buildings. Philadelphia’s 167-foot-tall City Hall towers over the city. The building is also recognizable by the statue of the city’s founder, William Penn. This is on top of the town hall. A little lower, 150 meters away, a platform has been built from which you have a good view of the city of Philadelphia. City Hall can also be admired from the inside. Excellent to combine with a visit to the viewing platform which is easily accessible with a lift.

Philadelphia City Hall