Julia Reston-Roitfeld and Daisy Lowe for Esprit Spring/Summer 2010

Julia Reston-Roitfeld and Daisy Lowe, a French and an English, are the new stars of the French Street signature campaign ESPRIT. The two girls, whose emergence in campaigns is becoming more common, are accompanied by of Kim Noorda, Leticia Birkheuer, Jon Kortajarena, Ash Stymest and Sam Way in this campaign of Spring-summer 2010.

The spirit of France is dipped in a deshuase of cars in the Californian desert, the best excuse to show the girls wearing clothing of soft tones and relaxed cut. At the time that inbuye trend western with anti-aliased ethnic touches. A sample that ESPRIT It aims to have a broader clientele and bring trends to all corners of the Earth.

The other day I was buying Christmas gifts and I can say that what vi as a preview of this collection of Spring-summer 2010 sounds to me very much to Pepe Jeans and a UNIQLO, still a little bit away from what we normally see in ESPRIT. However, the light pink Daisy blouse in the first photo and striped t-shirts the second, are two pieces that could buy without guilt.

What do you think? He called them a garment?