Interview to Patricia Jorge, from The Blog of Patricia: “Heel. “Once You’Ve Uploaded to The Scaffold Can Not Download”

In Jezebel every day we give more importance to the blogosphere related to fashion. And that is why we decided to do interviews to our colleagues and their views on fashion, accessories and celebrities.

My passion for shoes is known by all of you and for this reason I decided to interview the Patricia’s Blog, a blog that speaks only of shoes, the most precious complement in the look of a woman.

Your favorite shoes, their advice or the celebritie who better knows them, are some of the things that Patricia tells us in this beautiful interview.

-When created and why blog about shoes?It was circumstantial, a friend for many years, in 2005, a good day sends me an email with the following text: “I’ve done a blog, start writing, you ‘ll”. At the beginning did not know that talk, in fact if you go to my first post dealt with several issues and things that called my attention at the time. Here you can see my first post, it has made me smile return to read it especially as it has evolved! I was specializing in footwear because I liked and that better to condense in a site everything you called me attention to it.

Where you does this passion for shoes?Since I was small, I do not know you tell or explain why, my mother had a few precious heels and I remember that whenever he could, hidden light, I went up to them. I remember a few red moccasins that were my most precious treasure! And little by little it was a love, passion that has grown more and more. What I can say is that the first thing that I notice in a person, without be account; It is in your shoes. They say both of a person! What happens to me lately is that when I meet someone and know that I write a blog of shoes, his gaze goes directly to those who took jobs at that precise moment and makes me smile. Symbiosis Patri = shoes.

What are your favorite?Almost all! There is always one for each occasion or moment, perhaps like to have basic timeless to wear and then according to the season see me suitable to what designers “say” that we carry. What if I have clear is that I like a good shoe, I am abstaining buy things that damage the foot.

What I do not recommend is never go flat for an event or party, hop on 7 or 10 cm heel is certain failure.

Sandals or boots?Now all year isn’t it?, in winter use sandals and summer boots. I could tell you both, but perhaps feel a predilection for sandals, because they leave the foot to the view (in summer). And since I have opted me with sandals, if it is type jewel, it is therefore a weakness. I am lucky to have been born and live where I live and here you can wear Sandals year-round. That Yes, not forgetting nail lacquer, enhances the mixture (laughs).

Heeled or flat?Heel, heel and heel. Once you’ve uploaded to the scaffold can not download. If you allow it to me echo a little at fault in every day more heels and less flat. I know that entry may be a world accustomed to take them, but little by little you can do. What I do not recommend is never go flat during the week and for an event or party, hop on 7 or 10 cm heel is certain failure. Another thing that I recommend is brand new shoes at home before taking them by the city, so know the extent that gives of itself and that I usually repeat whenever I can blog.

If you had an afternoon wedding would be your choice? And of course, what plug-ins? It depends on the moment, place, the bride and groom, if required label or not. Uff, are so many things to keep in mind… I give you an example, married someone very close, I was the bride and she wore heels and jeans, but everything depends on, if it does not have label. Feel free to go as you wish. For a wedding as a guest would always choose sandal jewel, heels and if possible to call much attention much more than what you wear.

As an expert in shoes, that advice to hit always in your purchase?
Try on both shoes, a shoe changes a lot of see it in the showcase to see him since, walking with them in shoe-making, top down, not you cut, do not you buy it even more with the “hope” that a good template arrange it, or one more small thinking that the “the last” will it fix. It seeks to be skin, although there are now many alternatives if you are not of them who use skin. And above all, even if you like to go to the last, basic search or backgrounds of Cabinet that you can use at any time.

If we don’t have much money to spend, is you can continue being the last in fashion boots or shoes? Of course! There are many options without having to go through the major brands that all know and why sigh… or by the Italian footwear, although Italian is Italian “Finish”. I’ve always said it, in Spain the best footwear is made! only that perhaps do not know sell or sell it as such. What live the Spanish footwear!

I love the style of Diane Kruger, always perfect!

Do what celebritie carrying better shoes?
Really I have to choose one? Okay, I love the style of Diane Kruger, always perfect! Only if you allow it I’d like to add one thing, know that to the celebrities are “given” shoes for the event of the day. Could they be numerical?!!!!!