Internet Is Filled with Yetis Thanks to Celine

When Phoebe Philo presented his collection for spring-summer 2013 for Celine, the specialized press focused on in furry shoes and the Birkenstock so it was a matter of time that the fashionistas and style blogs fall rendered to yeti sandals.

Media as The Guardian they have already succumbed to them naming this 2013 as the year of the Birkenstock and others have already cry heaven regretting this German shoe return to the streets of half the world.

For now, few are which have shown their sandals with hair proud. Jayme Min, the girl who is behind of Stop it Right Now and of which we spoke some time ago, has been one of them. From its sunny California, Jayme is not removed their Celine for anything in the world.

And although in the world of the blogosphere still resist a little, it We could see them camping at ease by Instagram scores, like Camille Over the Rainbow or Anastasia.

Do you you think? ¿Yes or no to the return of the Birkenstock?