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Climate and best time to travel Idaho

Climate in Idaho: The landscape in the US state of Idaho is as diverse as the climate. Most of Idaho is dominated by the Rocky Mountains. Here the summers are hot, the winters cold and often very snowy. Depending on the altitude, the climate is characterized by pronounced temperature extremes over the course of the year. The astonishing heat of the summer days with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius is accompanied by considerable cooling after sunset the higher you get. Summers are short, especially in the mountains of the north. The last snow does not melt here until June, from September it can snow again.

The regions on the western side of the Rocky Mountains also differ from those in the east. Even if western Idaho is 480 km from the Pacific, the influence of the sea breezes is still noticeable here. The Pacific winds accumulate on the imposing mountain ranges, which is why the west of Idaho has more rainfall and is milder than the leeward part in the east and south-east.

The climate in the east and especially in southeast Idaho is a rather severe continental climate. On the leeward side of the Rocky Mountains, clear skies and very little rainfall, but also lower temperatures, are to be expected.
In the area of ​​the Snake River Plain, the flat plain that covers a smaller southern part of Idaho, the climate is more temperate. Most of Idaho’s cities and also the capital Boise are located here. In the south you have to reckon with fewer extremes, spring and autumn are mild, the winters moderate. The thermometer does not fall significantly below 0 degrees even in winter. However, the lack of precipitation, especially in summer, creates a risk of fire here.

Best travel time in Idaho: The US state of Idaho is so varied that recommendations for the best travel time depend on the region visited as well as the interests of the traveler. If you are looking for moderate temperatures to explore the country, people and nature, it is best to visit Idaho between May and September. Winter sports enthusiasts will also find ideal conditions in Idaho in the famous Sun Valley and in the ski areas around the city of McCain in the northwest. According to legend, Idaho means “light on the mountains” – with the right clothes in your suitcase, the dry mountain air is a relief all year round.

Idaho Landmarks

According to ehotelat, Idaho is the forty-third state in the United States. It is particularly popular as a holiday destination with tourists who are interested in nature, as it has a large number of sights of natural origin to offer.

There would be B. the famous Yellowstone National Park. It has been on the World Heritage List since 1978. The park was founded in 1872 and extends over several federal states.
The Morrison-Knutsen Nature Center is also worth a visit. This is a nature reserve near Boise.
Craters of The Moon National Monument and Preserve is definitely not to be missed. The center is a park with three large lava fields. There is an interesting area of ​​steppe and grassland here. The area is also considered to be the largest younger basalt lava field on the mainland of the United States. There are more than 25 volcanic cones to visit here.

The Salmon River with its length of 675 kilometers is particularly recommended for spectacular white water rides. You should only approach it if you already have experience in rafting.

A visit to Shoshone Falls is certainly also interesting. The over sixty meter high waterfall is located on the Snake River.
Nature lovers shouldn’t miss the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area in western Idaho. It is close to the border with the American state of Oregon. At 2,438 meters, the canyon is the deepest in the United States of America. The special thing about it is that its walls are decorated with rock carvings by the Nez Perce Indians.

But a detour to Idaho is not only worthwhile for nature lovers. There is also an interesting museum here, namely the Intermountain Science Experience Center. This is a museum with the main theme of the natural sciences.

You should also get to know the temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is the church of a Mormon denomination.

Idaho Travel Guide