How to Get to Zlatibor, Serbia

It is more convenient to get through Belgrade or Podgorica – the distance from both cities to Zlatibor is approximately the same. A direct flight from Moscow to Belgrade costs from 570 EUR, to Podgorica – from  1,300 EUR. The prices on the page are for June 2022.

From airport to city

First you need to get to the cities. There are shuttles from Belgrade Airport to the railway station, and trains from Podgorica Airport. Next you need to get to the station “Uzhice” in Serbia. The schedule can be checked at website of the railway carrier Podgorica. You can also get from Belgrade to Uzhica by bus: there is a shuttle from the airport to the bus station. Next, transfer to the intercity bus of the Zlatan Prevoz DOO carrier. The journey will take about two hours.

According to, buses run from Uzice to Zlatibor. The carrier Gaga Turs Zlatibor will take you in half an hour, departure is every hour, the distance is 26 km. A taxi ride will take a little less time, for which they will ask from 35 EUR.

On buses

Another option is a direct bus from Belgrade or Podgorica (departure from the Central Bus Stations). From Podgorica it takes 3 hours 50 minutes, from Belgrade – 5 hours 20 minutes. The fare will cost 7-15 EUR. However, not every bus has a stop in Zlatibor, you need to check with the driver. Carriers: from Podgorica Blueline (off. site), from Belgrade – Autoprevoz Janjusevic.

A taxi ride from Belgrade airport to Zlatibor will cost 200-250 EUR (196 km), from Podgorica airport – 380 EUR (235 km).


Zlatibor is not a city, but a whole region with the small town of Kraljeve Vode in the center. There is no city public transport here, in Kraljevo-Voda you can walk everywhere or take a taxi.

You can also travel to neighboring settlements or sights scattered around Zlatibor by taxi or bus. In the first case, the trip will cost 40 EUR, a bus ticket to a neighboring village – 2.5-5 EUR, with a tour – from 30 EUR. Buses depart from the Tourist Office located in the center of Kraljevo Voda.

Bike rent

Zlatibor is a great place for cycling. There are also hilly landscapes for those who like to enjoy the views at a leisurely pace, and several mountain trails for those who prefer more vigorous walks. In Kraljevo Voda you can rent bicycles at several places, including the Tourist Office. Some hotels provide bicycles to their guests for free.

Hotels in Zlatibor

The most budget hotels in Zlatibor are apartments in the private sector. A room can be easily rented for 25 EUR per day, a small guest house – from 40 EUR for two or even three. A double room in a hotel with a pool and a gym will cost about 70 EUR per night, sometimes breakfast is included in this amount. Stay in a sanatorium where three meals a day are included according to the doctor’s recommendations. Sometimes wellness treatments are included in the price.


Due to the unique climate, Zlatibor is considered an excellent place for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, thyroid gland and anemia of all kinds. It is recommended to come here to recover from infectious diseases and surgery, in case of metabolic disorders, as well as in case of physical and nervous exhaustion. In addition, the resort specializes in beauty and weight loss programs.

There is also a boarding house “Cigota”, one of the most popular in all of Serbia. He specializes in programs for people with impaired metabolism and offers biochemical diagnostics, low-calorie balanced nutrition, outdoor training (swimming, Nordic walking, etc.) and psychological training.

Alpine skiing in Zlatibor

On Mount Tornik, in the Zlatibor National Park, there is a popular ski resort in Serbia. Ski slopes are located at an altitude of 1150 m, there are 7 of them: 3 blue, 3 red and 1 black for extreme skiing. The total length is 8 km, the elevation difference is 370 m.

The climate in the mountains is very mild, so you don’t have to spend time acclimatizing. There are 3 lifts on the slopes, there are hotels, equipment rentals, a ski school, restaurants and the rest of the infrastructure.

A ski pass for 6 days costs from 100 EUR: cheaper on weekdays, more expensive on weekends and holidays (including Christmas and New Year holidays). Discounts are available for families with children.

What to bring

There are no impressive shopping centers in Zlatibor, but there is a market in the center. Woolen clothes are brought from here, which are made in the Sirogojno area: you can find everything from woolen socks to coats. By the way, these things are highly valued even in Japan.

Another local pride is the most delicious raspberries in Europe. The berries themselves, of course, cannot be brought home, but a tincture of them will be a great gift. Another delicious specialty is Zlatibor prsut, a Serbian version of dried beef. Blackberry wine, wooden spoons, as well as creams and ointments made from natural ingredients, made according to local recipes, are also brought from Zlatibor.

How to Get to Zlatibor, Serbia