Horace, North Dakota Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Horace is a small city located in Cass County, North Dakota, United States. It is situated in the southeastern part of the state, approximately 12 miles southwest of Fargo, the largest city in North Dakota. The city of Horace covers an area of about 4.13 square miles. See itypeusa for information about Adams, North Dakota.

Horace is surrounded by several other cities and townships, making it a part of the greater Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area. To the north of Horace lies the city of West Fargo, which is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Dakota. With its close proximity to Fargo and West Fargo, Horace benefits from the economic opportunities and amenities of the larger cities while maintaining its own small-town charm.

To the east of Horace is the Sheyenne River, a major waterway in the region. The river provides scenic beauty and recreational opportunities for residents of Horace and the surrounding areas. The river runs through the Sheyenne National Grassland, a protected area known for its diverse plant and animal life.

To the south of Horace is the city of Kindred, a small community with a population of around 700 people. Kindred is known for its strong community spirit and high-quality schools. The city hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, bringing residents together and fostering a sense of belonging.

To the west of Horace is the Maple River, another important waterway in the region. The river flows through the rural areas of Cass County, adding to the natural beauty of the landscape. The western border of Horace also adjoins the Mapleton Township, a sparsely populated area known for its agricultural activities.

Horace itself is a residential community with a mix of single-family homes and apartment complexes. The city has experienced steady growth in recent years, attracting families and individuals looking for a peaceful and safe environment to live in. The community is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with a strong sense of community pride.

In terms of amenities, Horace has a few local businesses, including grocery stores, restaurants, and small shops. However, residents often rely on the nearby cities of Fargo and West Fargo for more extensive shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The proximity to these larger cities allows Horace residents to enjoy the best of both worlds – a quiet suburban lifestyle with easy access to urban amenities.

Overall, Horace, North Dakota, offers a picturesque setting with its location near rivers, grasslands, and agricultural areas. Its close proximity to Fargo and West Fargo ensures that residents have access to a wide range of opportunities while enjoying the benefits of a smaller community. With its friendly atmosphere and strong community spirit, Horace is an appealing place to call home for those seeking a balance between rural and urban living.

Population, Schools and Landmarks in Horace, North Dakota

Horace, North Dakota, is a small but vibrant city located in Cass County. With a population of approximately 3,000 residents, Horace offers a close-knit community feel while still providing easy access to the amenities of nearby Fargo, just a short drive away. This makes it an ideal place for those who desire a small-town atmosphere with the convenience of a larger city nearby.

The city of Horace boasts a strong education system, with several schools serving the local population. According to Topschoolsintheusa, the Horace Elementary School is a highly regarded institution that provides quality education to students from kindergarten through fifth grade. With dedicated teachers and a focus on individualized learning, Horace Elementary School ensures that each student receives the attention and support they need to succeed academically.

For older students, West Fargo High School, located just a few miles away, offers a comprehensive curriculum and a wide range of extracurricular activities. This allows students to pursue their interests and develop their talents outside of the classroom. The school’s strong academic programs and dedicated faculty prepare students for success in college and beyond.

In addition to its excellent schools, Horace is also home to several notable landmarks that contribute to the city’s charm and character. One such landmark is the Horace City Park, a beautiful green space where residents can enjoy picnics, play sports, or simply relax in a peaceful setting. The park features playgrounds, walking trails, and open spaces for recreational activities, making it a popular destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Another significant landmark in Horace is the Horace Dam, which provides a picturesque backdrop for the city. The dam not only serves as a source of hydroelectric power but also creates the Horace Lake, a popular spot for fishing and boating. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the serene beauty of the lake while engaging in their favorite water-based activities.

The Horace Fire Department is another important institution in the city. Committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents, the fire department provides emergency response services and fire prevention education. The dedicated firefighters are always ready to assist in times of need, further enhancing the sense of security within the community.

Horace also hosts various community events throughout the year, bringing residents together and fostering a sense of unity. These events range from summer festivals and parades to holiday celebrations, providing opportunities for neighbors to interact and strengthen their bonds.

In conclusion, Horace, North Dakota, is a close-knit community with a population of approximately 3,000 residents. The city boasts a strong education system, with schools that prioritize individualized learning and academic success. Notable landmarks such as the Horace City Park and the Horace Dam contribute to the city’s charm and provide recreational opportunities for residents. The Horace Fire Department ensures the safety of the community, while community events foster a sense of unity among residents. Overall, Horace offers a welcoming and thriving environment for its residents to call home.