Having an MBA Guarantees Job for About 90% of Graduates

If you are thinking about studying a master’s degree but do not finish deciding for fear that the economic investment will not translate into employment, you should know that a new study affirms that 85.5% of those who finish a postgraduate degree find work within two years .

The Agència per a la Qualitat has been in charge of preparing the report according to which, almost 9 out of 10 master’s degree graduates find work within two years of the end of the course.

Regarding mobility, only 3.2% of graduates and 3.79% of master’s degrees end up working abroad.

If you want to take a master’s degree but don’t know which one to choose or where to do it, we recommend that you take a look at the annual ranking of Masters and MBA, which is produced by the newspaper El Mundo. The results reveal the most demanded degrees, professional opportunities, or the most prestigious universities and business schools. For its preparation, they have analyzed 1,200 postgraduate programs to select the 5 best masters of 50 specialties, a total of 250 masters that will facilitate their choice to graduates who are considering expanding their training.

Having an MBA Guarantees Job for About 90% of Graduates

Specialized MBAs are consolidated as the preferred option of engineers and architects

Structuralia and the OAS (Organization of American States) reach their fifth year with an endowment of 30 scholarships of 50% for International Executive MBAs and there are 10 scholarships reserved for profiles of excellence in the region.

All programs are taught online, allowing active engineers and architects to combine their work activities with studies. “Energy, the promotion of construction and the development of an industrial sector, are the bases for the next decade of growth. That is why Structuralia and the OEA are committed to promoting the development of engineers with global profiles, through training 100% focused on current and future needs, ” highlights Juan Antonio Cuartero, Director of Structuralia.

After obtaining great success in past editions, where more than 500 engineers and professionals with excellent curricula from 22 different countries have expanded their training and specialization thanks to these scholarship programs from the OAS and Structuralia, the first of this 2015 call is the launch of the International Executive MBA in companies in the industrial sector.

The 4 steps to deciding your prefect MBA

To achieve any objective you have in mind, it is necessary to have a prior preparation that allows you to manage your time and resources in the best way! Today we propose 4 excellent tips to decide your best option to do an MBA abroad!

  1. Do the math. Pick a couple of programs in different countries, and count what the cost of studying in that region and school is. Write down the total price of tuition, cost of living in the destination, financing options and how long you could stop receiving a fixed salary (one or two years). Based on these data, you can close the options of the destination and the institution, according to needs and possibilities. It also takes into account other factors, such as type of job and salary that you could expect after studying for the MBA.
  2. The United States or Europe? Both regions have remarkable options, although different in time. Most programs in the United States are for two years, while in Europe, most MBAs are reduced to one year.
  3. List your interests. The central axes of the MBA is that the person understands risks and learns to manage them. The financial is another core part, although one of the most important aspects are the “soft skills” in which the student is trained, for example, how to motivate the people who work for you.
  4. Ask everywhere. Attending fairs, asking for feedback on school blogs, contacting graduates and teachers, are aspects that help.