Griffith University of Australia

How would you like to take an MBA in Australia? If this country is on your list of options, we have great news for you, it is an informative session where you can get to know one of the most prestigious institutions to study your MBA in Australia.

Griffith University is distinguished from other Australian institutions by the fact that it focuses its MBA programs on promoting the leadership qualities of its students, this ensures that they have an advantage in one of the main areas that are required to achieve a successful career in the business world.

This university is located in the southeast of Queensland, Australia’s fastest growing region, and this same institution has 40,000 students from more than 125 countries, making it clear the cultural richness it has to offer you.

The MBA program taught by Griffith University is recognized worldwide and is full of opportunities that can help you achieve your professional goals, it is also important to note that there are scholarships for the most outstanding students. Would you like to know them?

We invite you to join this informative session that will take place on March 7, where you can learn about the program in detail, study options and everything that this university has to offer.

The session will be taught by members of Griffith University, you cannot miss it. If you are interested in being part of this event, enter your information in our registration form by clicking on the following link: ” Studying at Australia Griffith University “.

What is the future of business schools in 2016?

Business schools are an important source of talent training for this business market, it is true that the demand for this type of institutions is very high and that this same competition leads them to have the best offer but what is the future of business schools in 2016? Today we will tell you.

What is the future of business schools

To date, business schools have focused on three fundamental elements for the training of their students, these are:

1. Life on campus

This practice is the one that involves everything related to the student’s life on campus, face-to-face classes, group activities and internships within institutes and business schools. Undoubtedly an essential element in the development of the student due to the interaction carried out within their stay.

2. The exchange

Another of the pillars that until now have an important place in business learning is exchange. Being an MBA, it is essential to have international experience, since this is a career focused on this sector.

3. The experiential experience

These are the practices carried out in companies that allow the student to know the work environment first-hand and acquire the necessary qualifications for their performance once they are actively in the labor field.

These three characteristics are undoubtedly important, but the reality is that things have changed over the last few years and the importance of the virtual world has taken on a greater impact, plus the programs of the institutions that offer these specialties, mostly they have not updated their programs.

This means that in order to stay current, the future of business schools in 2016 is to implement the business world that is lived in the virtual environment and translate it into programs that allow their students to become professional practitioners that can develop both in the real world as well as in the digital world.