Frankfort, Kentucky


Place in the United States
Location of Frankfort in Kentucky
Location of Kentucky in the US
County Franklin County
Type of place City
State Kentucky
Coordinates 38° 12′ N, 84° 52′ W
Surface 37.9 km²
– country 37.1 km²
– water 0.8 km²
(748 inhabitants/km²)
Height 155 m
Mayor Layne Wilkerson
Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort

According to smber, Frankfort is the capital of the US state of Kentucky and the capital of Franklin County. In 2000, the city had 27,741 inhabitants. It is not Kentucky’s largest city but is centrally located between the state’s two largest cities, Louisville and Lexington.

Frankfort was founded in 1780 by James Wilkinson on the north bank of the Kentucky River and was elected capital of Kentucky in 1792. During the American Civil War, the city was briefly occupied by the Confederate States of America. In 1937, the city flooded when the Kentucky overflowed its banks as a result of heavy rainfall.

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  • Albert Fall (1861-1944), Senator and Secretary of the Interior
  • Will Chase (1970), actor

Frankfort, Kentucky