Fake Dior Smoke in Form of Film with Marion Cotillard

Firms continue to drive a new kind of increasingly sensory advertising that a simple announcement. Dior She is an expert in campaigns, to bring to one level more promotion. Return it to demonstrate the short of Marion Cotillard for Dior It appears that false irony that so much like advertising to sell.

The stress, the disconnection of a world of false appearances, an artificial world desire that in the end are the own brands which sell not surrounded by luxury, but that its protagonists want to escape. Even in the world of Dior.

A double standard as the punk in the hands of the market, non-existent rebellion in marks or similar ideals. A false positive value is added to the final mark. We are involved with the history of Marion Cotillard, even us pity for her and that fake chaos. She is higher when the final irony that “ is revealed ” and are the photographs that are worth for his Dior Lady Rouge campaign. Nonsense.