Dunn Loring, Virginia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to NecessaryHome, Dunn Loring, Virginia is a small town located in Fairfax County, just outside of Washington D.C. The town is bordered by several cities and towns that provide residents with plenty of activities to do and places to explore. To the east, Dunn Loring borders the city of Vienna which offers a variety of attractions such as the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, numerous restaurants, and shopping centers. To the south lies Fairfax City which has plenty of parks and trails for outdoor enthusiasts to explore as well as historic sites such as George Mason’s Gunston Hall Estate.

To the west lies Oakton which provides visitors with a variety of entertainment options including movies at Regal Cinemas Oakton or outdoor activities at nearby Difficult Run Stream Valley Park. Further west lies Reston which is home to Reston Town Center – an area filled with shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Additionally, Reston also features several parks such as Lake Fairfax Park and Walker Nature Center where visitors can enjoy nature walks or take part in various recreational activities.

Finally, to the north lies Herndon which provides visitors with a variety of restaurants including Herndon’s own Fat Tuesday’s Cajun Bar & Grill or El Tio Tex-Mex Grill. Visitors can also explore nearby Runnymede Park or check out the many shops located along Elden Street in downtown Herndon. All in all, Dunn Loring offers easy access to many different cities and towns that provide something for everyone.

Population of Dunn Loring, Virginia

Dunn Loring, Virginia is a small town located in Fairfax County, just outside of Washington D.C. According to educationvv, the population of Dunn Loring is approximately 12,800 people. The town has a diverse population with a variety of ethnic backgrounds and ages represented.

The largest demographic group in Dunn Loring is White non-Hispanic individuals who make up 70% of the population. African Americans make up 16% of the population and Asians 10%. Hispanics make up only 4% of the population. The median age in Dunn Loring is 42 years old with 33% of the population between 25-44 years old and 23% between 45-64 years old.

The median household income in Dunn Loring is $118,000 which is significantly higher than the national average. The unemployment rate in Dunn Loring is also lower than the national average at only 3%. Most residents are college educated and have professional or managerial jobs.

In terms of transportation, most residents drive or take public transportation to get around town as there are no bike lanes or sidewalks available in Dunn Loring. Some residents may also use Uber or Lyft to get around.

Dunn Loring has a diverse population with a variety of ages and ethnic backgrounds represented that enjoy living in this small town outside of Washington D.C.. With its low unemployment rate and high median household income, it is an attractive place to live for many people.

Dunn Loring, Virginia

Schools and education of Dunn Loring, Virginia

Dunn Loring, Virginia is located in Fairfax County and is home to a variety of schools and educational opportunities. The public school system in Dunn Loring consists of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

The elementary schools are Herndon Elementary School and Oak Hill Elementary School. Herndon Elementary School serves students in grades K-5 while Oak Hill Elementary serves students in grades K-6. Both schools offer a variety of programs including art, music, physical education, library services, special education services, and technology programs.

The middle school in Dunn Loring is Carson Middle School which serves students in grades 6-8. It offers a wide range of classes such as language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education as well as art and music classes. The school also has a variety of clubs and activities for students to participate in such as robotics club or student council.

The high school in Dunn Loring is Herndon High School which serves students in grades 9-12. It offers an extensive curriculum that includes Advanced Placement (AP) courses as well as several electives such as drama or computer science. The school also has many extracurricular activities for students to participate including sports teams and academic clubs like the National Honor Society or the Math Club.

In addition to the public school system there are several private schools located within the town limits including St Joseph Catholic School which offers preschool through 8th grade classes or Fox Mill Montessori School which offers preschool through 5th grade classes. There are also many colleges nearby including George Mason University which is about 10 miles away from Dunn Loring or Northern Virginia Community College which is about 7 miles away from town limits.

All together, Dunn Loring provides its residents with plenty of educational opportunities for all ages ranging from preschool to college level courses.

Landmarks in Dunn Loring, Virginia

Dunn Loring is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in Virginia. The Dunn Loring Metro Station is a major transit hub and is a popular destination for commuters from the DC area. The station features a modern design with its signature glass and steel canopy. It is also home to the Mosaic District, a vibrant shopping center that offers an eclectic mix of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Additionally, the nearby Fairfax County Government Center provides an array of services for residents and visitors alike. Another notable landmark in Dunn Loring is the historic Mosby-Gore House, which was built in 1845 and has been meticulously preserved by the Fairfax County Historical Society. The house offers guided tours throughout the year and provides insight into early 19th-century life in Northern Virginia. Another popular attraction is the Mason Neck State Park, which boasts breathtaking views of wildlife habitats along with hiking trails, kayaking opportunities, and more. Finally, Dunn Loring’s vibrant culture can be experienced through its many annual festivals such as Taste of Vienna or Fall Festival at Colvin Run Mill Park.