Dunellen, New Jersey Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to 800ZipCodes, Dunellen, New Jersey is bordered by a variety of cities and towns. To the north lies Plainfield, which is the county seat of Union County and home to numerous attractions such as the Plainfield Symphony Orchestra, The Shoppes at Union Square, and Duke Farms. To the east is Edison Township, a diverse community with a strong sense of history and plenty of recreational activities. It’s home to Thomas Edison National Historical Park as well as several other parks and trails.

To the south lies Piscataway Township, which is home to Rutgers University’s main campus as well as many other businesses and facilities. Piscataway offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking at Johnson Park or canoeing down the Raritan River. Finally, to the west lies Bound Brook, another historic town with plenty of attractions such as Washington Rock State Park or Duke Island Park.

Dunellen itself has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment and recreation with its own park system consisting of twenty-five parks ranging from playgrounds to sports fields; a public library; an active arts council; and numerous restaurants, pubs, and shops. With its convenient location between all these nearby cities and towns, Dunellen provides easy access to all sorts of activities for locals and visitors alike.

Population of Dunellen, New Jersey

Dunellen, New Jersey is a small borough located in the center of Middlesex County. According to educationvv, the population of Dunellen is 7,338 people. The population is racially diverse with the majority being White (66.9%), followed by Hispanic (19%) and African American (10%). There are also small populations of Asian (2.3%), Native American (.7%) and other ethnicities (.1%).

The median age in Dunellen is 40.3 years old, which is slightly higher than the national average of 37.4 years old. The gender ratio in Dunellen is fairly even with 48% male and 52% female population.

The majority of people in Dunellen are married and live with their families (63%) while 21% are single or never married adults living alone or with roommates. Of those who are married, most have been married for 10-15 years or longer, indicating that marriage rates are stable in this community.

The majority of households in Dunellen are composed of two to four people (69%), while 25% have three to five people living together and 6% have more than five people living together. The median household income for Dunellen is $80,752 which is higher than both the state and national averages ($77,072 & $60,293 respectively).

Dunellen has a diverse population that has grown steadily over the last decade due to its convenient location between several larger cities and towns as well as its numerous parks and recreational facilities.

Dunellen, New Jersey

Schools and education of Dunellen, New Jersey

Dunellen, New Jersey is served by the Dunellen Public School District. The district consists of three schools: Dunellen Elementary School, Dunellen Middle School, and Dunellen High School. These schools provide an excellent educational experience for the children of the community.

The elementary school serves students in kindergarten through fourth grade and provides a wide array of courses including art, music, physical education, and technology. Additionally, the school offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as chess club, student council, and drama club.

The middle school serves students in fifth through eighth grade and offers a wide variety of courses including science, mathematics, social studies, language arts and foreign language courses. The school also offers many extracurricular activities such as student council and various sports teams.

The high school serves students in ninth through twelfth grade and provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes career-oriented classes such as business/marketing/finance; medical sciences; law/government/public safety; engineering/technology; visual/performing arts; and world languages. The high school also offers numerous extracurricular activities including athletics teams in basketball, baseball, football, soccer; clubs such as debate team or chess club; theater productions; musical concerts; art exhibitions; internships with local businesses; college preparatory classes such as SAT prep or AP classes; community service projects; field trips to local attractions or cities nearby like New York City or Philadelphia.

In addition to these public schools within the district, there are several private schools located nearby that offer various educational programs for students from preschool through twelfth grade. These include Our Lady of Victories Catholic School located just outside of town which provides religious education to its students in kindergarten through eighth grade as well as Saint Joseph High School located just outside of town which provides college preparatory education to its students in ninth through twelfth grade.

Dunellen provides an excellent educational experience for its children with both public and private schooling options available to suit their individual needs. With dedicated educators teaching in its public schools combined with the availability of private schooling options nearby Dunellen is sure to provide all children with a quality education that will help prepare them for success later on in life.

Landmarks in Dunellen, New Jersey

Dunellen, New Jersey is a small town located in Middlesex County with a population of just under 7,000 residents. It is situated on the Raritan River and offers an abundance of natural beauty and historical landmarks. Here are some of the most noteworthy landmarks in Dunellen:

The Raritan River is one of the most prominent features in Dunellen. It offers plenty of recreational activities such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and more. Along the river are several parks including Colonial Park which has several trails for hiking, biking, or jogging; Roosevelt Park which has a playground; and Memorial Park which has a memorial dedicated to those who served in World War I.

The Dunellen Railroad Station is another landmark in town. This historic station was built in 1875 and still serves Amtrak trains today. It’s also home to the annual Dunellen Train Show that takes place every year in April featuring model trains from all over the world.

The Old Dutch Parsonage Museum is another important landmark in Dunellen. This museum was built back in 1751 and features exhibits about local history including artifacts from the Revolutionary War era and Civil War era as well as early 20th century artifacts from when Dunellen was first established as a town.

The Stelton Baptist Church is also an important landmark located within Dunellen’s borders. Built back in 1805 it is one of the oldest churches around and still holds services today for its congregation. The church even has its own cemetery where many former members have been laid to rest since 1807 when it was first established.

Finally, there’s Washington Rock State Park which overlooks the town from atop its hilltop location offering spectacular views of not only Dunellen but also surrounding areas such as New Brunswick and Edison Township below it. The park also contains several trails for hiking or biking as well as picnic areas for visitors to enjoy some outdoor time with friends or family while taking in the stunning views that this park offers its visitors year-round no matter what season it may be.