Dior – Haute Couture Spring Wire D / T 2014

Between vanescent, Mille-Feuilles of transparencies, technical prowess and inspirations white sixties, Raf Simons gives us a couture collection in perfect harmony with his wishes for the absolute, modernity and rationalit d…


The d cor:

A narrow, winding cave, and surface immacul e. invoke one space “in utero”, it is inspired from the work of the c ramiste Valentine Schlegel.


RAF Simons claimed the right seam less th e power plant, plus connect with reality. And if you feel in the work of the designer one of sir to pure and radicalization by cho in the sixties of Paco Rabanne futurism, it y d c also will fierce to highlight the work of small hands of Dior laborant of the textures also sophisticated are incredibly l res g.

Women’s Dior Couture:

Lib e r of the corsets of the seasons previous and references too litt rales in the House, the Dior woman archives is a taken radical coquetry lady who loves nothing better than to slip in toilet combining Pierrefonds and modernity clear e. She dresses with details r tro s revisit to volumes insolent (but passable) and g spicy ret l. The IP these almost abstract that flatter his love of contemporary art and its silhouette of Sylph.

The collection:

M lant subtle quotes the universe of the filter GHG and other Paco Rabanne (via IP these shape trap zo dale), light eye winks grammar home (through volume bascul s towards the rear, bar jackets and basques) and d s ferlante of round s s vid, brod or worked in 3D mode, Raf Simons gives the softness cisel creations birth e.
It offers also a laptop Couture likely to accompany the Dior customer in all its activities. Day dresses feel as well as are so many mutant clouds – but perfectly s throughput – to sophisticated textures, while the pantsuits and other combinations are playing the card of pure false in m lant dark colours and effects mati res scholars and that toilets for Golden Globes shine by their trolling Watteau, their Yarrow transparencies and their asymmetrical sorts immodest.

The dress code:

Level design, we rel ve two points particularly particularly significant: the use of very fine jewelry to accentuate the gr this of the mod the as well as the presence of flat shoes d sheath sportswear. Basically port with cocktail dresses, recent res conf rent the silhouette look contemporary, but not always flattering.


The pi these strong:

52 passages, include especially especially the little white dress generous amplitude and sensual failover, the lozenges blue night swishy skirts maddening trap iridescent ze, the mod the bustier the pastel vanescence as well as the long dress of sir not New York.

What I think:

Very portable, this new opus Dior couture toilets are likely to invade the red carpets of 2014. It must be said that Raf Simons manages here put at the service of its ambitions cutting-edge know-how of the legendary l little hands of the Parisian House, giving birth in the toilet DNA hybrid, between tradition and aesthetics conceptual tick. That said, if Raf Simons will unquestionably in the right direction, some of his creations, surjouant as t c t couture, both t the experimental dimension, are not a bit awkward…