Did You Know These Facts and Fables About Lingerie Already?

There is much talk about wearing bras … Should you start your bra at night or not? Can the same bra size be worn for years? Does a bra make a smaller size for a push-up effect? We’ll give you the answers to your questions, so keep reading!

Did You Know These Facts and Fables About Lingerie Already?

A smaller-sized bra provides a push-up effect
Fable!A too small bra pinches and causes your breasts to swell up and on the sides from the bra.If the wearer then also cut into the skin and you have in the evening everywhere imprints on the skin, your bra and you are clearly no match made in Heaven!This spring we have new push-up and maximizer bras in delicate pastel colors, which give you a fantastic décolleté!Did you know that a Maximizer conjures up to two cup sizes?

The breasts remain firmer when the bra starts to sleep
If you want to go to bed with bra, please only use a non-pre-formed bra without straps . Sleeping with bra is absolutely TABU, says phonecations.com! It can happen that the temples deform when you move a lot during your sleep. You should also take off a push-up bra before going to bed, otherwise you will get fast wrinkles in the décolleté. Bra off, hair up and sweats on!A fable, then.A healthy lifestyle (with sufficient physical activity) and a decent bra that provides support, on the other hand, actually provide the best possible breasts.Apparently it also helps, if you shower your breasts after showering briefly with cold water, because thereby the circulation is stimulated.

Your bra size remains the same for ten years
Did you know that 80% of all women wear an incorrect bra size?Your bra size may even change every year, for example, by weight gain or loss, or even swollen breasts, before or during your period.Try to take this into consideration when buying a new bra.Our Favorite Fit service helps you find the perfect bra for your breast.Fact: Your breasts will be eternally grateful for you!

And how do you know if you’re wearing the right bra?
If you wear the right bra size, your bra will not slip up and sit like a second skin.A bra should still have a perfect fit when it is closed at the outer hook and when the center piece of the bra fits well against the chest.Finally, we have a golden tip for you: Pull the bra, lean forward and shake your upper body back and forth.If your breasts are still good in the bra, the bra is the right size!Check it out in one of our stores to take measurements – so you can be 100% sure.