D Wire Alexander Wang – Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Between textile innovations, futuristic atmosphere, code boyish hair, cadence military and d sheath post modernist, Alexander Wang is managed once again to make his show a must-see event…


More s r him ever, Alexander Wang is not h sit on this snowy Sunday to migrate the “fash pack” of Manhattan to Brooklyn. After a long cab ride and 100 metres done e foot on ground sliding, the r mode dactrices and other socialites were finally able to p n to focus on instead of the wire d: a huge greenhouse located on the banks of the East River and used the latest Lady Gaga album promotion. inside, an industrial space waiting between turntable and steel pillars.


D Finally the DNA of his collection, Alexander Wang raised the temp temperature extreme, urban life, climate warming and the pi these necessary to face the cold.

Alexander Wang women:

Eyebrow bleach and hair where, Alexander Wang women seems by e to deal with the elements, which would have no time to g ner city connected life. Lov e Tower in your closedcourse sentence b skins are and of immense utility jackets (who serve him as well to protect from the cold that carry his survival equipment – moleskine/red the lips/unit photo/iPhone), she didn’t h site draw within its business of sport, in vintage shops or in the dressing room of her husband working Wall Street to consist her daily outfits , she r Eve shot of artificial colours.


The collection:

E detailed for girls boyish body sculpt by yoga sessions, the collection fall/winter 2014-2015 Alexander Wang opens with outfits combining the future ft these classics and utility clothing. Working girl shirts and take in a few protective leathers, jackets of Explorer are transformed into n o-dresses filter GHG and combi-shorts, while patterns tie populate blouses of a new kind and male costumes reviewed mode short pants are some of windbreaker in acid hues (see here and there).Subsequently, the textures are more complex: leathers are woven, develop, print, skins parent details s knitting, shearling strips adjacent tissue techniques s Aday and the Astrakhan brews to chemical colours, all serving the looks of anticipation mixing d sheath seventies, sporty and futuristic insolence volumes. The final thinks as him in SF mode, via 11 sets designed in the mati res sensitive heat and who r v ing their Paisley fluorescent one time under the spotlight.

The dress code:

Mood is here to overlays of textures, the scarf nou in most close to the neck, the VA Government of bermuda or the ‘ UFO ‘ merging boots, waders and rain boots. Not to mention the duos sweater knit avant-garde/micro skirt, high narrow/wide-leg pants and shirt boutonn top/scarf-collar.

The pi these strong:

To details in shearling jackets, the trench to the neon Astrakhan collar, tunics dresses brod are res lani of leather and leather or fabric tie shirts shouldn’t let the indiff different buyers.


What I think:

Pass master in the art of creating buzz, Alexander Wang once more made his d wire a time with New York fashion week. Yes, but here, once the excitement returns, difficult to be really emball by 2014 from this little vintage g denies marketing, which seems if be said here that would suffice him to propose the fluo Astrakhan and copy Nicolas Ghesqui re to include a collection worthy of the name. Between details gadgets for adventures Sunday re, pi these wobbly seventies, sweat more than becoming weird and presence r currente of bermuda (while the winters are more and more rigorous), Alexander Wang prefer so exp Mezz the subtleties, everything for a result al random, oscillating between pi these strong and left took him clumsy…