D thread Marc Jacobs – Autumn/Winter 2014-2015

Pure e, but not minimalist, the Marc Jacobs fall/winter collection 2014-2015 cl tura New York fashion week on a cheerful note m s lant r nit, in. sie and comfort…

The d cor:

Welcomed into the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York, guests d covered a multitude of clouds suspended above the room awaiting them in an atmosphere of before storm. With in soundtrack, the voice send aunt of Jessica Lange r, citing the words of the song “Happy Days”.

The context:

For the first time in 16 years, Marc Jacobs has occupied this season than in his own collection. A m choice particularly r fl chi, which should allow him to calmly devote himself the IPO of his house.

Women’s Marc Jacobs:

vanescente, but voluntary, the Meryl Streep of Marc Jacobs shows the s r nit of a guerri re convinced of the merits of his case. Eyebrow bleach and the uniform carr, she assumes her addiction to the comfort of the “sixties sportswear” as well as marshmallows shades. Evening, she d let its Spa of the future sets to slip in toilet taking to the skies to storm their worry about tants d grad of colors, and this without ever leaving the broad banner against his face.


The collection:

The wire d opens on a succession of sets n o twin-set woollen double face, m lant tubular pants and long split dresses and widely d collet. Very quickly, the tunics are shortened, but still of is d decline in twisty block of deaf hues color mode. The notion of comfort pr dominates then with the arrival of looks in monochrome woolen long-sleeved the reassuring too.Towards the middle of the wire, the Langley Fox Hemingway d et al d decide to leave their trappings of Interior for rev shooting bikers to the empi s contrast locations and translucent body Capri a shameless bit, that they are not slow r heat contact to opulent jackets. Finally, the last part of the show will be an opportunity for the creator to offer IP these more sophisticated are the fur balls color cloud, the evening dresses like the sheath disco d and Millefeuille of organza ruffles.

The dress code:

Between long dress on time zone, tunic over pants, long sweater on fluid skirt split lunch and short top on translucent body, the mood is preferred giant harmonies of colors and comfortable texture overlays.

The pi these strong:

That can be worn both on a slim on a skinny leather, long tunics slit very high on the thigh f d will not hurt buyers and fashionistas. On their side, the bombers in foggy fur and other ostrich leather sneakers may find themselves in many s ries mode, while the flying dresses might well as they monopolize the red carpets of 2014.

What I think:

After a period of l g re d pressure (who is Matt rialisa in the form of an addiction to the Pajamas), Marc Jacobs appears today more serene than ever. And if we regret the character a monotonous strand of his unique collection of season, force is nevertheless clear that he in mane a quiet, subtle, almost dreamy, force that cannot leave quite indiff rent. Just like the extr me thinness of the models…