Cumberland County, Maine Demographics

According to babyinger, Cumberland County, Maine is located in the southern part of the state along the Atlantic Coast. It is bordered by York County to the west, Sagadahoc County to the south, and Androscoggin County to the east. The county seat is Portland, which is also one of the largest cities in Maine.

The geography of Cumberland County consists mostly of rolling hills and low mountains. The coastline features several rocky outcroppings and small islands off its shore. The highest point in Cumberland County is Bradbury Mountain at 521 feet above sea level. There are also many lakes scattered throughout the county such as Sebago Lake, Long Lake, and Casco Bay.

The climate in Cumberland County features warm summers with temperatures averaging around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) and cold winters with temperatures usually staying below freezing for most of December through February. Snowfall can average up to 60 inches during winter months while rainfall averages around 36 inches annually.

As of 2020, Cumberland County has a population of 295,912 people making it one of the most populous counties in Maine. The population has been steadily increasing since 1990 when it had just over 247,000 residents. The largest city within Cumberland County is Portland with a population of 66,737 people as of 2019 estimates while South Portland has 25,908 residents according to 2019 estimates as well.

Cumberland County is a beautiful area featuring both natural beauty and vibrant cities with plenty to offer its residents and visitors alike. With its diverse geography ranging from rocky coasts to rolling hills and its mild climate featuring four distinct seasons each year – there’s something for everyone here.

Economy of Cumberland County, Maine

The economy of Cumberland County, Maine is a diverse mix of industries ranging from traditional manufacturing and retail to more modern technology and service-based businesses. The largest sector is the healthcare industry, which employs over 23,000 people in both private and public capacities. Other major employers include educational institutions such as the University of Southern Maine and the Portland Public Schools, as well as government agencies such as the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Retail is also an important part of Cumberland County’s economy with several large shopping centers located throughout the county. The Maine Mall in South Portland is one of the largest malls in New England and features over 150 stores. Other popular shopping areas include Old Port Exchange in Portland, Mill Creek Shopping Center in Westbrook, and Freeport Village Station in Freeport.

The manufacturing industry has been a staple of Cumberland County for many years with companies such as Shipyard Brewing Company, Shaw Brothers Construction, and New Balance Athletic Shoe all having major operations here. Additionally, many companies that are based out of Massachusetts have moved their operations to Cumberland County due to its lower cost of living.

Technology is becoming increasingly important for Cumberland County’s economy with several tech startups being founded here or relocating from out-of-state locations. Companies like WEX Inc., IDEXX Laboratories Inc., and TripAdvisor are all headquartered here while other tech giants such as Amazon have opened up distribution centers throughout the county.

Cumberland County has a vibrant economy that offers something for everyone. With its diverse mix of industries ranging from traditional manufacturing to modern tech startups – there’s plenty of opportunity here for those looking to start or grow their business.

Education in Cumberland County, Maine

According to Topschoolsintheusa, Cumberland County, Maine is home to a wide array of educational opportunities. From public schools to private institutions, the county boasts a variety of choices for students of all ages. The county is served by the Maine Department of Education and local school districts, which provide quality education in an environment that is safe and supportive for students. Public schools in Cumberland County are managed by Regional School Units (RSUs) that are responsible for providing quality education through various programs. Some of these programs include Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment programs, and career and technical education offerings. Additionally, many public schools offer extracurricular activities such as sports teams, music groups, and more.

In addition to public school options, Cumberland County also offers a number of private institutions where students can receive an exceptional education in a variety of disciplines. Private schools in the county range from small religious-based academies to large research universities and everything in between. These institutions provide quality learning opportunities in both traditional academic subjects as well as more specialized fields such as engineering or business administration. Students attending these institutions also benefit from small class sizes with individualized attention from faculty members who are experts in their respective fields.

Cumberland County, Maine

Landmarks in Cumberland County, Maine

According to findjobdescriptions, Cumberland County, Maine is home to some of the most beautiful and historical landmarks in the northeast. The county is well-known for its stunning coastal scenery and picturesque villages, as well as a number of notable cultural sites. One of the most iconic landmarks in Cumberland County is Fort Williams Park. Located in Cape Elizabeth, this park offers spectacular views of Casco Bay and Portland Head Light. The park also features World War II bunkers, a lighthouse museum, and plenty of picnic areas and walking trails.

Another popular landmark in Cumberland County is the Victoria Mansion. Located in Portland’s historic district, this Italianate-style mansion was built in 1858 and is now a National Historic Landmark. The mansion features intricate woodwork and original furnishings that give visitors an insight into 19th century life.

The county also boasts a number of other noteworthy attractions such as the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co & Museum, which houses an extensive collection of vintage locomotives; Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park, which offers breathtaking views from its rocky shoreline; Freeport’s Mast Landing Sanctuary which has some of the best birdwatching opportunities in New England; and Laudholm Farm Wildlife Sanctuary which provides fantastic opportunities to view local wildlife such as harbor seals or bald eagles.

No trip to Cumberland County would be complete without visiting at least one of these unique landmarks that make up this picturesque corner of Maine. From forts to lighthouses to parks to museums, there are endless opportunities for exploration throughout this beautiful region.