Colorado Travel Guide

Colorado – climate and best travel time

Climate Colorado: With an average altitude of over 2,000 m, the state of Colorado is the highest state in the USA. Due to its southern location, the summers in Colorado are still warm and sometimes hot. In July and August, the daytime temperatures are 30 degrees Celsius. The winter months are cold and snowy. The temperature fluctuations between day and night are sometimes extreme, so that even on warm summer days, sensitive cold (temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius) must be expected in the late evening hours. In winter the nights get frosty with often double-digit minus temperatures.

The relatively low annual precipitation of 400 to 500 mm is evenly distributed with slight peaks in summer. The humidity is always very low, so that even a hot day in summer can be endured well. Despite the low rainfall, Colorado is a water reservoir due to its altitude: Over 2,000 natural lakes and three of the largest rivers in North America – Colorado, Arkansas and Rio Grande – ensure a healthy mountain climate. Colorado is so blessed with “natural air conditioning”. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, Colorado is also sunnier than Miami or San Diego.

The winters are also characterized by sunshine and dry air. Snow falls abundantly, but almost always as dry powder snow.

Best Time to Travel to Colorado: Depending on your preferences and, above all, different interests in activities, Colorado is a worthwhile travel destination all year round.

The temperatures in spring and autumn are very pleasant. In autumn, the foliage of the aspen is enchanting. September and October are considered by many to be the best time to visit Colorado. Hikers and climbers can enjoy Colorado in April, May, September, and October.

Due to the pleasant dry air, which does not burden the organism, Colorado can also be visited in midsummer. For the surprisingly cold evenings, you should have a warm jacket in your luggage, even in summer.

In winter, Colorado offers the most important ski areas in North America. Colorado is the Eldorado of skiers and snowboarders from the USA and around the world, and not only the famous winter sports resort Aspen stands for this. Radiant sun and safe snow, paired with perfect infrastructure, make Colorado the number 1 winter sports state in the USA.

Colorado Landmarks

According to ehotelat, most tourists come to Colorado for the impressive Rocky Mountains and the beautiful surrounding landscape. The old mining towns and Indian caves in the rock walls also attract thousands of visitors every year.

But the state has many more sights and attractions to offer.

Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States by area, if not one of the largest in the world.
Also worth seeing is the Phoenix Gold Mine in Idaho Springs, which was opened in 1871.

In Colorado you can also admire the highest suspension bridge in the world – the Royal Gorge Bridge. The bridge was built in 1929 and spans the Arkansas River at a height of three hundred meters.

But you should also have seen the Million Dollar Highway. It is not exactly clear why he is called that. Whether it was the high construction costs, the value of the gold in the mines or because of the spectacular panorama, no one can say for sure.

Winter sports enthusiasts can pursue their hobby in Aspen. But here you don’t just have to spend the whole day on the boards. It is definitely worth making a detour to the Aspen Institute. This private think tank was founded in the 1950s.

Molly is surely known to everyone from the movie Titanic. Her real name was Margaret Tobin Brown and she was one of the few who became world famous as a survivor of the sinking of the Titanic. She was also a philanthropist and women’s rights activist. Here in Denver, the Molly Brown House museum is dedicated to her.
The city of Denver has another interesting museum, the Denver Museum of Natural History.
In the same city you can also admire the oldest hotel in Denver. It was built by Henry C. Brown according to the plans of the architect Frank E. Edbrooke. The Brown Palace Hotel is something special with its red granite and sandstone building. It has an eight-story atrium. Many famous American personalities had already spent one night here.

The State Capitol in Denver is absolutely impressive. It is a twin of the US Capitol in Washington. It was built in 1908. The interior is simply fantastic. The building is made of granite and the dome is gilded with 24-carat gold leaf from the Colorado mines. The interiors are lined with white oak and rose-colored onyx. If you want to visit the imposing building as a tourist, you can take part in guided tours to see the rooms of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the rooms of the congressmen.

But Colorado also has something to offer nature lovers. So it is definitely worth visiting one of the national parks there.

Colorado Travel Guide