Church Hill, Maryland Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Church Hill is a small town located in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. It is bordered by the towns of Sudlersville to the north, Centreville to the east, and Millington to the south. The town is situated on a hill overlooking the Chester River and its surrounding countryside. Church Hill has a population of approximately 1,600 people and covers an area of 2.4 square miles.

Sudlersville lies to the north of Church Hill and is home to about 1,200 people. It was founded in 1774 but was incorporated as a town in 1887. Sudlersville is located along U.S Route 301 and features several historic buildings such as the old post office building which dates back to 1813. There are also several parks in Sudlersville including Chesapeake Park which offers picnic areas and playgrounds for children.

Centreville is located to the east of Church Hill and has a population of around 4,000 people. It was founded in 1794 and was originally called Broad Creek before being renamed Centreville in 1814 due to its central location within Queen Anne’s County. Centreville features many historic buildings such as The Mansion House Inn which dates back to 1789 as well as several other notable landmarks like St John’s Episcopal Church which was built in 1819.

Millington lies south of Church Hill with a population of around 1,400 people. It was founded in 1783 but wasn’t officially incorporated until 1895 when it changed its name from Upper Millington to just Millington due to its location at the center of Queen Anne’s County between Sudlersville and Centreville. Millington features many historic sites such as St Paul’s Episcopal Church which dates back to 1820 as well as numerous other attractions like Denton Park which offers plenty of outdoor activities for visitors including fishing, hiking, biking trails, and more.

Overall, Church Hill is surrounded by three other towns each offering their own unique attractions for visitors looking for something interesting or exciting during their stay here in Maryland. From historic sites like The Mansion House Inn or St Paul’s Episcopal Church to outdoor activities like fishing or biking at Denton Park there’s something here for everyone no matter what type of vacation experience they’re looking for.

Church Hill, Maryland

Population of Church Hill, Maryland

Church Hill, Maryland is a small town located in Queen Anne’s County with a population of approximately 2,400 people. It was founded in 1774 and was incorporated as a town in 1887. Church Hill is the oldest town in the county and has been home to many generations of families throughout its history.

The majority of Church Hill’s population is comprised of Caucasian individuals with the remaining residents being African American or Hispanic. The median age for residents of Church Hill is around 45 years old and the average household size is 2.5 people per household.

The economy of Church Hill is primarily based on agriculture, forestry, and tourism. The town also has several small businesses including restaurants, retail stores, and other small services that help contribute to its local economy.

Church Hill offers plenty of attractions for visitors looking to explore the area including several historical sites such as St John’s Episcopal Church which dates back to 1819 as well as numerous parks like Chesapeake Park which offers picnic areas and playgrounds for children. There are also plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking trails, biking trails, and more at nearby Denton Park.

Overall, Church Hill is a great place to visit or call home with its rich history and vibrant community atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or an exciting adventure there’s something here for everyone.

Schools and Education of Church Hill, Maryland

According to, Church Hill, Maryland is home to a variety of schools and educational opportunities for its residents. The town is served by Queen Anne’s County Public Schools which consists of four elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Additionally, there are several private schools located in the area including St. Francis Xavier Catholic School and Church Hill Academy.

The public school system in Church Hill provides students with a quality education that is focused on providing students with the necessary tools to succeed in a modern world. The curriculum includes core academics such as math, science, English language arts, social studies, and more as well as specialized courses such as foreign language and technology. Additionally, extracurricular activities are also available for students to participate in including sports teams, clubs and organizations, and other activities that help foster learning outside of the classroom.

In addition to traditional public schooling options there are also many opportunities for higher education located in Church Hill. The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is located just outside of town which offers a variety of degree programs ranging from business administration to nursing. There are also several community colleges located nearby offering associate’s degrees in various fields such as health care or business management.

Overall, Church Hill provides its residents with plenty of educational opportunities whether they are looking for traditional public schooling or higher education options. With these resources available it’s easy to see why so many families choose to call this small town home.

Landmarks in Church Hill, Maryland

According to a2zdirectory, Church Hill, Maryland is a small town with a vibrant history and culture, and it is home to many impressive landmarks. One of the most iconic landmarks in the area is the Church Hill United Methodist Church which was built in 1885 and has been a part of the community ever since. The church has an impressive brick façade and a steeple that stands out against the skyline. This church is also known for hosting many community events throughout the year including holiday celebrations and concerts.

Another one of Church Hill’s notable landmarks is St. Mary’s Episcopal Church which was built in 1795 and is one of the oldest churches in Maryland. This historic building features an impressive stone facade and stained glass windows that make it stand out from other buildings in town. The church also hosts several special events throughout the year including weddings, baptisms, and funerals.

The town also features several unique public parks such as Washington Park which includes a playground, walking trails, picnic areas, and more for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, there are several historical sites throughout town such as the historic courthouse which was built in 1817 or the Queen Anne’s County Poorhouse which dates back to 1855.

Overall, Church Hill offers many interesting landmarks that help make this small town unique. From its churches to its parks to its historical sites there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.