Charlotte, Tennessee Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Charlotte, Tennessee is a small town located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, just a short drive from the bustling cities of Nashville and Chattanooga. It is surrounded by several other towns and cities, including Dandridge to the north, Knoxville to the east, and Cleveland to the south.

Dandridge is a small town located about 30 miles north of Charlotte. The town was founded in 1783 and has since grown into a thriving community with plenty of local businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Visitors can explore historic downtown Dandridge or take part in outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking at nearby Douglas Lake.

Knoxville is located about 45 minutes east of Charlotte and serves as the state’s third largest city. Known for its vibrant music scene, Knoxville offers visitors plenty of things to do including museums, art galleries, live music venues, theaters, and more. Popular attractions include Zoo Knoxville and The Sunsphere Tower at World’s Fair Park.

Cleveland is located about an hour south of Charlotte on Interstate 75 near the Georgia border. This city is home to Lee University which has been ranked among one of the top universities in Tennessee for many years. It also features several parks where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like camping or hiking along trails that wind through lush forests filled with wildlife such as deer or wild turkeys.

In addition to these nearby towns and cities, visitors can also explore what Charlotte itself has to offer. Here you can find plenty of local shops that offer unique items handmade by locals or visit some of its historical sites like Fort Craig which was built during the Civil War or The Old Stone Church which was constructed in 1815. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants serving up delicious Southern-style cuisine for you to enjoy. So whether you’re looking for a day trip away from home or want to experience all that this charming town has to offer – Charlotte should definitely be on your list.

Charlotte, Tennessee

Population of Charlotte, Tennessee

Charlotte, Tennessee is a small town located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. It is situated about 30 miles north of Nashville and Chattanooga, and is one of the oldest towns in Tennessee. The population of Charlotte was estimated to be 5,567 as of 2019 according to the US Census Bureau.

Charlotte has a diverse population with 39% Caucasian, 45% African American, 11% Hispanic or Latino origin, and 5% other ethnicities. The median age in Charlotte is 36 years old with an average household size of 2.3 people. The median household income for Charlotte residents is around $36,000 per year with 14% living below the poverty line.

The majority of Charlotte residents are employed in manufacturing and retail industries. The town also has many small businesses that provide services such as restaurants, auto repair shops, beauty salons, and more. In addition to these local businesses there are also several large employers located nearby such as Volkswagen Group in Chattanooga and Oak Ridge National Laboratory near Knoxville which employ thousands of people from all over the region.

Charlotte also has a rich cultural history with many attractions and festivals throughout the year that attract visitors from all over the world. These include events like “The Gathering” which celebrates traditional mountain music and dancing; “Old Time Music Festival” which showcases traditional Appalachian music; “Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival” celebrating local food producers; and “Christmas on Main Street” which includes a parade down main street with Santa Claus.

Charlotte is a vibrant town with plenty to offer its residents and visitors alike. From its diverse population to its rich history there’s something for everyone here – whether you’re looking for employment opportunities or just want to explore all that this charming town has to offer – Charlotte should definitely be on your list.

Schools and Education of Charlotte, Tennessee

According to, Charlotte, Tennessee is a rural town located in Dickson County. It is home to approximately 1,500 people and offers a variety of educational opportunities for children of all ages. The town has two primary schools: Charlotte Elementary School and Charlotte Middle School, which are both part of the Dickson County Board of Education. Both schools provide quality education and have strong academic programs that focus on literacy, math, science, social studies, and other core subjects. Charlotte Elementary School also offers a variety of clubs and activities such as student council, art club, chorus, and robotics.

Charlotte Middle School provides students with the opportunity to take honors courses in math and science as well as participate in band or orchestra classes. The school also has several sports teams including basketball, baseball/softball, volleyball, wrestling, soccer and cheerleading. In addition to their regular studies at school, students have access to online resources such as Khan Academy for extra help with their homework or projects.

For higher education opportunities for adults in Charlotte there is a local campus of Volunteer State Community College located about 15 miles away from town. Through Volunteer State Community College students can take classes on campus or online to earn an Associate’s degree or certificate program in various fields including business administration, healthcare management or computer information systems technology.

Landmarks in Charlotte, Tennessee

Charlotte, Tennessee is a small rural town located in Dickson County. It is home to approximately 1,500 people and offers a variety of landmarks for visitors to explore. One of the most popular attractions in Charlotte is the historic Dickson County Courthouse, which was built in 1848 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The courthouse features a Greek Revival style exterior with two stories and a portico supported by four columns. Inside, visitors can view the original courtroom, which has been preserved since its opening in 1848.

According to a2zdirectory, the Charlotte Public Library is another popular landmark in town. The library was established in 1904 and has served as a center of learning and culture for over 100 years. Inside, visitors will find an extensive collection of books that cover topics such as history, literature, science, art and more. The library also offers several programs such as story time for children and book clubs for adults.

The Charlotte Cemetery is another landmark worth visiting while in town. Established in 1844, this cemetery is the final resting place for many of the town’s earliest settlers including veterans from various wars throughout history. Visitors can take a stroll through the grounds to pay their respects to those who have passed away or take part in one of the cemetery’s annual events such as Memorial Day services or candlelight vigils during Halloween season.

Finally, no visit to Charlotte would be complete without stopping by at least one of its local restaurants or bars. From classic American diners to fine-dining establishments offering farm-to-table cuisine there are plenty of options available throughout town to satisfy any craving you may have while visiting Charlotte.