Cathy Horyn, Irreplaceable Able?

The announcement fell e like a bombshell: Cathy Horyn, criticism of mode m rite officiating for 15 years in the New York Times, will rest his pen for a hard e ind completed Lookout, leaving an orphan of his the most objective observer fashion…

If some creators cr a likely bit – we think including Hedi Slimane, who had banished it the d s wire Saint Laurent Paris for crime of l is officer – is r enjoy s slightly of d from the writer of the columns of the New York Times, fashion aficionados may as them to regret am surely the end of the re Cathy Horyn.

It must be said that the journalist is no shortage of qualities:
She is one of the only ask a look realistic on the world of fashion. And if she has always taken care to keep the cart of the “System I”, she knows not less perfectly all the workings
His immense culture mode allows him to write papers s fouill, o it is rare not to learn something
No frills texts tat of a thinking clear, incisive and perfectly structur e
She was one of the first of his generation deal with internet on a level of equality with the Clipboard. Her blog – she feeds shot of d s clear wireless reviews are and pragmatic analysis to the more close to the r el – is a true institution. His Twitter feed poster as him more than 300,000 followers
When everyone turned back John Galliano, she had the courage to write this last had – as any human being – law a second chance
Unlike many fashion journalists, she rounds not ends by consulting and quickly so flirting with the ontological limits of the tier m
She has not succomb to the call of the “fashion circus” turning into burning mode to reduce s street-style photographers.
Uncompromising, she dared criticize the Vogue of Anna Wintour as the collections of Hedi Slimane as well

Unexpected, the departure of Cathy Horyn may leave a large empty within the small world of fashion, and even more that nobody seems ready to him success der. Now you can no longer count on Suzy Menkes to treat fashion with spirit, audacity and independence. It is not eternal, hope that other free pens of unrestricted advertising will soon take the rel ve, the fashion cosmos can hardly do without lookouts…