Get Involved - California State University, East Bay
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California State University East Bay Student Review

Introduction In my last Masters semester in Accounting and Finance, I did an exchange at California State University East Bay (CSUEB). Over 13,000 students are currently enrolled at this relatively young university, around ¾ of them studying at the Bachelor’s level. The CSUEB is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and has three campuses […]

The Campaign for Cal State Fullerton
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California State University Fullerton Student Review

Before my semester abroad, I also read through 1000 CSUF reports and found that most of them were doubled. For this reason I will try to limit myself to the essentials and only name things that might have helped me in advance. Preparation In contrast to all of the recommendations (“It is essential to plan […]

Summer Courses - Hawaii Pacific University
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Hawaii Pacific University Student Review

Organization Much about the organization has already been written in previous experience reports. Your website supports you wonderfully during the organizational phase and there is a checklist with all the necessary documents / forms for the entire application process as well as a schedule for processing the individual steps (visa application, application to HPU, etc.). […]

UCSD Triton Transfers
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University of California San Diego Student Review

City and surroundings San Diego, California’s southernmost city, is located between the metropolitan area of ​​Los Angeles (LA) and the Mexican city of Tijuana (TJ) in a natural bay and is characterized by a very pleasant climate all year round. The city is known as the “Americas nicest city”, which is reflected in numerous tourist […]

UCLA Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
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University of California Los Angeles Student Review

By chance I came across your website via the internet, which ultimately made it possible for me to have the most beautiful American summer in LA. After we (= my brother and I) had received copious amounts of material about the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the excitement increased every day. It is important […]

Berkeley Law
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University of California, Berkeley Student Review

Summer Session 2014 After four very great months in California to study and travel, I sadly arrived back in Germany. So if you are still undecided whether the UC Berkeley Summer Sessions are worth visiting , you will hopefully be completely convinced after my experience report . Campus The Cal Campus is the heart of […]

International Students - San Jose State University
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San Jose State University Student Review

After I got the confirmation, the search for the apartment started. After a search on various websites, I found a suitable apartment offer on It’s easier to get in touch with others on campus, but I wanted to live off-campus because I wanted to come into direct contact with Americans. I had 2 roommates. […]

Imperial Valley - SDSU
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San Diego State University Student Review

Before it begins Study under palm trees for once. Live in California once . Live the American dream once! It has always been my wish to study on the west coast and thus experience the “Californian lifestyle” for myself . But before the journey begins, all the paperwork has to be mastered. Be it on […]