Masters In Psychotherapy - Dublin Business School
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Dublin Business School Student Review

Preparation and application process: In the summer of 2018, I got very detailed information about the possibilities of a semester abroad in Dublin . Since June 2018 I have been in contact with your website. My consultant at the time really took me by the hand from the start and went through the application conditions […]

Institut de Ciències de l'Educació de la UAB - UAB Barcelona
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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Student Review

Modules As part of my master’s degree and the semester abroad that it included, I took a total of 4 subjects á 6 ECTS at the UAB. Two mornings on Monday and Wednesday at the St. Pau Campus (Spanish Beginner & Digital Photography) and two at noon on the Eixample Campus (Creative Economy & Incentives in […]

Study Social Science
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Study Social Science Abroad

Introduction to social sciences Can’t choose between cultural studies and psychology, political science and ethnology ? Are your interests broad? Then a social science degree would be the right thing for you. There is hardly a field of study that combines so many different disciplines. It is a kind of melting pot that combines social, […]

Study Social Work
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Study Social Work Abroad

Unemployment, poverty, homelessness and drug problems: If you fall through the social grid, it is difficult. Those affected are marginalized from society and can often no longer change their situation on their own. That’s where social workers intervene. Duties of social workers Social workers try to help people solve their problems . This help can […]

Study Special Education
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Study Special Education Abroad

Physically and mentally handicapped children need special support. And this also within the school. However, the classic teacher training course does not provide training to cater to the needs of blind or autistic students. So-called “special education” prepares these students: It trains teachers who are able to teach children and young people with special needs […]

Study Software Technology
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Study Software Technology Abroad

A computer without software is like a bicycle tire without air: just an empty shell. Only the software – the program – brings the circuit boards, chips and processors to life and turns the PC into an “intelligent” and helpful machine. Software programs have long been controlling not only the home computer. Cell phones, medical […]

Study Slavic Studies
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Study Slavic Studies Abroad

Poland , the Czech Republic , Bulgaria and Russia are geographically closer to Germany than the USA or Australia. Even so, many people know relatively little about these countries. There is talk of the “wild”, “unknown” and even “mysterious” East. There are many historical, economic and cultural relationships between Germany and its eastern neighbors. And […]

Study Sinology
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Study Sinology Abroad

China is in the fast lane. The economy of the huge country is growing like no other and the country is also taking on a pioneering role in science. More than 1.3 billion people live in the “Middle Kingdom”. This makes Chinese the most widely spoken mother tongue in the world . With the growing […]

Study Ship Technology
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Study Ship Technology Abroad

What do coffee, bananas, oil and coal have in common? Like around half of all German imported products, they reach us by sea – mostly on huge container ships. But people still travel by ship too. In Germany alone, more than ten million passengers board a ferry every year to get from A to B. […]

Study Acting
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Study Acting Abroad

Float across the red carpet as a star. Slipping into new roles all the time. Make the audience laugh or move them to tears. Earn enthusiastic applause. For many, being an actor is the dream job. But there is hard work behind the result on the screen or on the theater stage. Because hardly anyone […]