Calhoun County, Michigan Demographics

Calhoun County is located in the south-central area of Michigan. It is bordered by Jackson County to the north, Kalamazoo County to the west, Branch County to the south, and Eaton County to the east. The county seat is Marshall, which is also the largest city in Calhoun County. The county spans 558 square miles and has a population of 136,146 people as of 2019.

The geography of Calhoun County varies from flat open farmland to rolling hills and wooded areas. The terrain consists mostly of low rolling hills with some higher elevation points in the northwest corner near Goguac Lake and Battle Creek River. See BEST-MEDICAL-SCHOOLS for rivers and lakes in Michigan.

The climate in Calhoun County is typical of the midwest with hot and humid summers, cold winters, and a moderate amount of precipitation. Summers are usually warm and humid with temperatures reaching as high as 90°F during the day. Winters are generally cold and snowy with temperatures dropping to below freezing at night. The average annual snowfall is around 40 inches.

Calhoun County is home to a diverse population, with the majority of people being white (87%), followed by African Americans (7%), Hispanics (2%), Asians (1%) and Native Americans (0.5%). Marshall and Battle Creek are the two largest cities in Calhoun County, both having populations of over 10,000 people each. The county also has a large Amish population which is concentrated mainly in the northwest corner near Goguac Lake.

Economy of Calhoun County, Michigan

Calhoun County is home to a diverse economy that provides a variety of employment opportunities. The county’s largest employers include healthcare, manufacturing, educational services, and government. The county’s healthcare sector is the largest employer in the area with over 11,000 employees. This sector employs physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals as well as administrators and support staff. Manufacturing is also an important part of the county’s economy with many companies in the automotive industry located in the area. Educational services are another large employer in Calhoun County with over 9,000 employees working in public schools and higher education institutions. Finally, government is an important employer as well with many state and local government agencies providing jobs for residents of Calhoun County.

The county also has a thriving small business community with numerous businesses providing goods and services to local residents. These businesses employ thousands of people throughout the county and provide an essential service to their communities. Additionally, many entrepreneurs have started their own businesses in recent years which has helped to further diversify the economic landscape of Calhoun County. Tourism also plays an important role in the local economy by bringing visitors from nearby cities and states into the area which helps to create jobs for local residents as well as bring much-needed revenue into the area. Finally, agriculture is still an important part of life for many people in Calhoun County as it provides jobs for farmers as well as supplies food for local markets throughout Michigan.

Libraries in Calhoun County, Michigan

According to babyinger, Calhoun County is home to an extensive library system that serves the needs of its residents. The Calhoun County Public Library (CCPL) is the county’s main library, located in Battle Creek. It houses over 500,000 volumes and offers a variety of services including books, magazines, audio and video materials, computer access, reference materials, special collections, and more. Additionally, CCPL provides a number of programs for children and adults such as storytimes for children and book clubs for adults. The library also has several branches located throughout the county in Albion, Marshall, Tekonsha, Homer Township, Emmett Township and Bedford Township.

Each branch offers its own unique selection of materials as well as programs tailored to their individual communities. For example, the Albion branch has a large selection of genealogy materials while the Marshall branch has an extensive collection of books about local history. Additionally, each branch offers computers with internet access as well as printing capabilities so patrons can stay connected with their studies or work from home. The branches also offer a variety of events such as author visits and book clubs that allow patrons to interact with each other in person while enjoying literature together. Finally, each branch is staffed by knowledgeable librarians who are always willing to help patrons find what they are looking for or answer any questions they may have about their library experience.

Calhoun County, Michigan

Landmarks in Calhoun County, Michigan

Calhoun County, Michigan is home to a variety of unique and interesting landmarks. One of the most notable landmarks in the area is the Battle Creek Tower, a 125-foot tall tower that stands atop a hill overlooking downtown Battle Creek. The tower was built in 1926 as part of an effort to attract tourism to the area, and today it serves as an iconic symbol of the city. Visitors can climb up to the top of the tower for spectacular views of Calhoun County and beyond.

Another popular landmark in Calhoun County is Fort Custer State Park. The park is located just outside Battle Creek and covers over 3,000 acres of land. It features several hiking trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, and more that visitors can explore all year round. Additionally, Fort Custer State Park has both historical and natural significance as it was once home to a military training base during World War I and II. Today, it serves as a popular destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts looking to enjoy nature at its finest.

The historic Ceresco Dam is also located in Calhoun County near Marshall. Built in 1892 by the Kalamazoo River Improvement Company, the dam was initially used for hydroelectric power production until it was decommissioned in 1959 due to safety concerns. Today, it serves as an important reminder of Michigan’s industrial history as well as its natural beauty with its scenic views from atop the dam wall.

Finally, no list of Calhoun County landmarks would be complete without mentioning Goguac Lake. Located just outside Battle Creek, Goguac Lake has been a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts since its creation by early settlers in 1836. It’s now home to several species of fish including bass, crappie, bluegill, perch and more making it one of Michigan’s premier fishing destinations year-round.