Best Business Schools in West Virginia

Also known as School of Business, a Business School is an education institution that offers bachelor or graduate degrees in management or business administration. This page lists all accredited business schools in West Virginia that provide full-time or part-time graduate business education leading to an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree.

Marshall University (Lewis) (WV)
Lewis College of Business
1 John Marshall Drive Huntington, WV 25755-2020
Admissions Phone: (800) 642-9842
Admissions E-mail:
Web site:
Electronic application:

West Virginia University (WV)
College of Business and Economics
PO Box 6027 Morgantown, WV 26506
Admissions Phone: (304) 293-7932
Admissions E-mail:
Web site:
Electronic application:

West Virginia – State information

State name West Virginia
State nickname Mountain State
Capital Charleston
Largest city Charleston
Area 62,755 km 2
Population 1,854,304
Joined the Union June 20, 1863
The biggest cities Charleston
Natural attractions Spruce Knob (Allegheny Mountains), Ohio River
Main industries fuel and stone mining, chemical industry, engineering

West Virginia lies at the northern end of Appalachia’s west of Virginia and is a link between the Midwest and Northeast. While Virginia firmly belongs to the South, West Virginia has always had more in common with the northern states.¬†See West Virginia abbreviation.

Most of West Virginia is mountainous, interwoven with streams and covered with dense forests. The wild landscape has been home to many Native American ancestors, especially the Hopewell culture, whose prehistoric buildings can be seen in the Charleston area. Their successors – tribes of the Iroquois League – resisted stiff opposition from the first European immigrants who came across the Appalachian Mountains from Virginia in the early 18th century.

The new settlers established a completely different society from that of the slave plantations in the coastal areas. The farmland in the mountains of West Virginia was divided into small farms and slavery was almost non-existent there. The inhabitants of the mountains soon became dissatisfied with the ruling classes in East Virginia, and their resistance to slavery led in 1859 to the seizure of the Federal Armory in Harper’s Ferry (now the easternmost part of West Virginia). This was one of the incidents that hastened the beginning of the Civil War. When Virginia left the Union in 1861, the people of the Northwest refused to follow her, creating the state of West Virginia.

After the Civil War, the construction of railways brought industrial development to the mountains. Rich reserves of salt, limestone and especially black coal provided the surrounding states with a lot of energy and raw materials, but their use also brought with it an increase in social problems and environmental pollution. Agriculture and mining have lost their importance, traditional iron metallurgy has weakened, oil and natural gas have become more widely used, and engineering and chemical production have developed. The importance of tourism is growing.

Business Schools in West Virginia