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Also known as School of Business, a Business School is an education institution that offers bachelor or graduate degrees in management or business administration. This page lists all accredited business schools in Vermont that provide full-time or part-time graduate business education leading to an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree.

  • All Counties in Vermont: Alphabetical list of all counties, boroughs and parishes in the state of Vermont. Offered by Countryaah.

University of Vermont (VT)
School of Business Administration
55 Colchester Avenue Burlington, VT 05405
Admissions Phone: (802) 656-0513
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Web site:
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Vermont – State information

State name Vermont
State nickname Green Mountain State
Capital Montpelier
Largest city Burlington
Area 24,905 km 2
Population 626 630
Joined the Union March 4, 1791
The biggest cities Montpelier
Natural attractions Mount Mansfield, Lake Champlain
Main industries tourism, furniture production, tool production, electronics

Vermont is one of the oldest and also one of the most beautiful states, famous for its fall beautifully colored mixed forests. When the French traveler Samuel de Champlain (1567–1635) first came here. this area was a hunting ground for various Native American tribes. The discoverers named it Verts Monts, or Green Mountains. Much of its western border is formed by the long Lake Champlain.

The first temporary settlements were established here by the French, but a permanent settlement was established in the 18th century by the Dutch and the British. After the French and Indian Wars (1754–1763), settlers from Connecticut and Massachusetts moved to the area, which New York and New Hampshire competed for. In 1770, Ethan Allen (1738–1789) formed a group of armed volunteers called the Green Mountain Boys to oust New York landowners. The insurgents initially supported the liberation revolution, but also strongly defended the Union. In 1777, Vermont was declared an independent state, and it remained so until 1791. A strong influx of colonists followed, who cut down extensive forests. However, the soil was rocky and difficult to cultivate. In the 1930s, therefore, most settlers decided to move further west and the forests restored themselves. During the Civil War, Vermont experienced only one operation. See Vermont abbreviation.

The base of Vermont’s industry was limited, there is only granite and marble mining. Light consumer industry predominates. eg the production of furniture and currently mainly the production of computers and precision instruments. The towns remained mostly small and rural in character. Because rural Vermont forms the backdrop of a much more populous area, it is a popular vacation spot, especially for its relative calm in summer and good skiing conditions in winter. The local cultural life is one of the richest in the United States. Many arts and literary societies work here, along with well-known schools such as Middlebury, Bennington, Marlboro and the University of Vermont at Burlington.

Business Schools in Vermont