Best Business Schools in Rhode Island

Also known as School of Business, a Business School is an education institution that offers bachelor or graduate degrees in management or business administration. This page lists all accredited business schools in Rhode Island that provide full-time or part-time graduate business education leading to an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree.

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Bryant University (RI)
Graduate School of Business
1150 Douglas Pike Smithfield, RI 02917
Admissions Phone: (401) 232-6230
Admissions E-mail:
Web site:
Electronic application:

University of Rhode Island (RI)
College of Business Administration
7 Lippitt Road Kingston, RI 02881
Admissions Phone: (401) 874-5000
Admissions E-mail:
Web site:
Electronic application:

Rhode Island – State information

State name Rhode Island
State nickname Little Rhody
Capital Providence
Largest city Providence
Area 4,002 km
Population 1 051 511
Joined the Union 29. 5. 1790
The biggest cities Providence
Natural attractions Narragansett
Main industries jewelry, engineering, textile industry, electronics

Rhode Island on the Atlantic coast of New England is the smallest state in the Union. It got its name from one of the several islands in Narragansett Bay. The first European settlement was Providence, founded in 1638 by the Puritan clergyman Roger Williams (1603–1683) after his expulsion from Massachusetts. In 1663, a colony of Rhode Island was established. The peculiar conservative policy made the country the last of the original 13 colonies to ratify the constitution, and also the last to introduce universal suffrage after the Dorr Uprising of 1842.

Economically, Rhode Island has always been progressive. See Rhode Island abbreviation. It was at the forefront of the industrial revolution and its economy today is based on the production of machine tools, petrochemicals, selected light industry (clothing, jewelery) and a developed service sector. Fishing has retained its importance. Rhode Island preserves its historic sites; in the old port cities of Providence and Newport, entire neighborhoods have been preserved, including some of the oldest buildings in the United States.

Business Schools in Rhode Island