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Also known as School of Business, a Business School is an education institution that offers bachelor or graduate degrees in management or business administration. This page lists all accredited business schools in Delaware that provide full-time or part-time graduate business education leading to an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree.

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Delaware State University (DE)
1200 DuPont Highway Dover, DE 19901
Admissions Phone: (302) 857-6930
Admissions E-mail:
Web site:
Electronic application: N/A

University of Delaware (Lerner) (DE)
Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics
103 Alfred Lerner Hall Newark, DE 19716
Admissions Phone: (302) 831-2221
Admissions E-mail:
Web site:
Electronic application:

Delaware – State information

State name Delaware
State nickname First State
Capital Dover
Largest city Wilmington
Area 6,446 km 2
Population 925 749
Joined the Union December 7, 1787
The biggest cities Dover
Natural attractions Delaware River, Delaware Bay
Main industries chemical industry, textile and clothing industry

The Union’s second smallest state, Delaware, is an industrialized and densely populated state. North Delaware forms part of the Atlantic Megapolis – a long strip of cities that stretches from Washington to Boston. At the beginning of it were the wooden dwellings of the first Swedish settlers, who founded Fort Christina (today’s Wilmington) in 1638.¬†See Delaware abbreviation.

The first Dutch colony was destroyed by the Indians. In 1655, the Dutch from New Amsterdam claimed the territory again, but only until 1664, when Britain gained the territory. In 1682, the area was ceded to William Penn (1644-1718) to give his inland colony of Pennsylvania passage on the coast. Delaware acquired its current form in 1704 and its current name in 1776. However, its origins are older. In 1610, Delaware Bay was named in honor of the appointment of Thomas West (1577-1617), Twelfth Baron De la Warr, Governor of Virginia.

During the War of Independence, Delaware was attacked by the British army and its coast was exposed to constant attacks by the British Navy. After gaining independence, Delaware earned its nickname “First State” with the immediate adoption of the Constitution on December 7, 1787. Although Delaware was actually a slave state, many slaves gained freedom here before the outbreak of the Civil War, and the state became somewhat reluctant to become part of the Union.

The development of industry had a significant effect on the demographic composition of the population. The older rural villages around Dover and Georgetown in the predominantly agricultural south are depopulating, while the industrial north has grown into large suburbs, especially around Wilmington, which is now a major center for man-made fiber production.

Business Schools in Delaware