Back to The Winter of Halftime? Que No Te Pille Changed Walk

The bad weather… There is another, go (unless you take a plane to go to Miami). Good face Yes or Yes. Already sunny days will come and then we will again miss the winter days and above all the days of Demi-season. Both seem to come back and let us take again the more sheltered items when we could have them already been removing wardrobe. What change not getting caught walk changed with these looks.

That mustard coat you had last winter to you feel it more. Don’t forget it soon. A short, passing the waist and wrap with a good pair of boots for rainy days, as Sarah Mikaela that this design of Pennyblack joint le sunglasses from H & M with mirror.

There is who takes very seriously the temperatures drop and goes from staying in bed these days. Less even when the festival season we have in mind and should not be staying along the way. Elizabeth Jin is behind this look in the tartan where there is nothing. Mixing garments of Zara, Asos, Dr. Martens and Mango Street.

On the part of Streetdressed the idea is to stake everything to the blend of cowboy and military style with the capri and a shirt with patches of Vero Moda. For the rainy day a good raincoat wide and long.

The woman in black is filling out the form to send it to Will Smith with this coat with matching leggings leather.

While Christine R He does not resist to opt for coats longer without a style detail. This time with tight sleeves and a gold coming out of this coat from H & M pocket watch.

What has been your idea for this round of the cold?