Asus Zenwatch In The Smartwatch Test-The Second Attempt

The Asus ZenWatch and I-that was admittedly a difficult story since the clock and all my devices were only compatible with one another. Therefore, it was also not possible for me to test the interaction of Smartwatch and phone and my evaluation of the ZenWatch is accordingly bad, even though the watch made a good impression.What a pity.

But then our product manager Sven came up to me and pushed an Asus PadFone Sinto my hand. The device has sent us Asus for testing so I can give the  ZenWatch  a second chance. Thanks a lot at this point!

In my current test, I limit myself mainly to the functionality of Android Wear-all information on processing, display and battery you can read in my previous report.

At this point, I can already anticipate that today I am a lot more positive.

Connection To The Padfone S

Difficulties And Successful Connection

So then, to a new one. I invite Android Wear to the PadFone S, open it and again comes the request to make the app update in the Play Store. I’m skeptical, but with the Asus device everything works perfectly, so I finally set up Android Wear and connect the clock.

However, there are again difficulties with the connection-both devices can not be found. So I set the clock back to factory settings, with the result that the screen shows the info, I should install Android Wear on my phone. I’ve already done. After a few failed connection attempts suddenly and unexpectedly everything works. Clock and telephone synchronize themselves and like each other so much that they always find themselves again. I have overcome the technique. Jubilee calls in the living room.

Function Scope

Alarm Clock, Fitness, Calendars & Co.

After Android Wear works, I’m stunned by, which function portfolio the watch suddenly offers me. The capture of the fitness data has already worked without the connection to thesmartphone , but suddenly I can access my calendar, send mails, read WhatsApp messages, write notes and set an alarm clock. And the best thing: All this works without problems.

Via voice input you can hold on the watch everything written – and yes, synonymous works.Sure, here and there, there are a few inconsistencies and the clock understands something different than you say. But ultimately, there is nothing wrong, because the language input ninety percent smoothly. Top! The subsequent sending of the messages as well as saving of the notes goes without problems as well. That’s exactly how I imagined that.

The alarm clock can be placed comfortably and beats the desired time on the selected day subtly on the wrist vibrating alarm. This makes it a lot more comfortable, even if the ZenWatch is not the best bed companion because of its size. But this is also often the habit of habit.

All in all, the software runs smoothly, nimblely and without hooks – this makes Smartwatch fun. Only the input of the language is a habit, since passers-by look a bit confused when you speak to your wrist as a matter of course.

Google Play Store

App Offer With Air Up

After I try the internal features, I look around the Google Play Store. The offer for Android Wear is, admitted, very manageable and many apps I do not need, since I do not use services like “Yo!” Or “Telegram” itself. So I download the “Guardian” app on my phone, simply because I want to know how it reads on the  ZenWatch . I can recommend this for short news, the screen is brilliant enough to recognize the contents very well. For all longer texts the 1.63 inch display is ultimately too small.

In addition to apps, you can also find various Watch Faces in the Play Store – some free, others for money. Here and there are small games or activity apps. In the end, everyone has to search for themselves, in order to find what sweats the smartwatch everyday. Generally my offer is still a lot of air up. But this will be self-regulating over time. I’m pretty sure about it.


Smartwatch For The Asus Universe

At the performance of the  ZenWatch I have nothing to complain about. Here everything reacts fast, the apps can be opened without hooks, you can smoothly swipen and the setting up of alarm clock, Watch Faces and Co. goes without problem.

Also on the battery I have nothing to complain about – this one loosely one day and did not let me down during the test.

Just like the possibilities of personalization – you can set up pre-installed WatchFaces or download other designs online. Plus, the Google Play Store for Android Wear is available to you, which provides some advanced software offerings, but it is much too rare for my taste.There is a lot of air up there.

In addition, there is still a serious minus point for me – the compatibility. Yes, on the Asus PadFone S , the Watch works without problems (if you leave the initial difficulties outside), but as long as the  ZenWatch does not work with devices outside the Asus portfolio without hour-long frickles and swearing, I can only recommend them to a limited extent.

All in all: If you have an Asus smartphone, the  ZenWatch is definitely a good choice. In the case of non-branded devices, I would advise you however to another model , in which no compatibility difficulties are to be expected. But since it was here specifically for the test with an Asus phone, I can  pronounce the  ZenWatch good conscience the 4 stars.