Arizona Highlights

According to Ehangzhou, Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in the US with a huge amount of beautiful places and nice sights. It is mainly nature with its beautiful flora and fauna that continues to attract visitors every year. But of course there are also cities that are worth a visit.

Traffic In And Around Arizona

The state of Arizona is located in the southwestern United States. The international airport Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is located near the capital Phoenix. From here, you can easily hop in the car to begin your Arizona adventure. Driving in this city is a real pleasure. Outside the cities you often enjoy quiet roads through vast natural landscapes where you sometimes meet no one for hours. This makes it easy to enjoy nature, but also to stop along the way to take some pictures.

Of course it is important that you follow the traffic rules as always; whether driving on winding roads overlooking the Grand Canyon or through the busier streets of the larger cities. The speed limit on major highways passing through cities is between 55 and 65 mph (88 – 104 km/h). Between these cities, the speed limit is 75 mph (120 km/h). If you are driving to another state, keep in mind that speed limits may vary in other states.

When driving on multi-lane roads, drivers often stay in the same lane. You may then overtake from both the left and the right. Therefore, keep a close eye on your side mirrors, as other drivers can also overtake you from both sides.

A scenic route that you should of course drive a bit is Route 66. You will then drive past the moving dinosaurs of Petrified Forest National Park, the historic town of Holbrook, a meteor crater, the Grand Canyon and a number of ghost towns.

Trek Through The Grand Canyon

One of the most impressive places in Arizona is the Grand Canyon, a breathtaking natural park that photos do not do justice to. The beautiful rock formations were formed by the wild Colorado River that flows through it. You can walk wonderfully here and even descend a bit into the canyon. Don’t forget, however, that you have to cover the same distance back; the climb up is harder than the descent. When the sun goes down, the rock walls turn red, which also provides a very beautiful view. The Grand Canyon consists of two parts. You will find the most beautiful viewpoints at the South Rim, the area that is also the most accessible. Some popular viewpoints are Mather Point, Maricopa Point and Hermits Rest. The North Rim is more remote and therefore less visited. In addition, it is higher. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this area is ideal. From mid-October the chance of snow is greater and this part of the park is closed at the first snowfall.

Visit The Museums Of Phoenix

The capital Phoenix is ​​one of the largest cities in Arizona. Although the city is often used as a stopover for a road trip, it is a nice city to stroll through. If you want to get acquainted with plants that are common in the desert, visit the Desert Botanical Gardens. You walk past tall plants and cacti, while the colors and scents hang around you. And if you keep your eyes peeled, you might even spot a hummingbird. There are several paths you can follow here, each telling you a different story.

In the Heard Museum you will find art made by the Native Americans. The museum contains more than 40,000 exhibits focusing on cultural collections from the Greater Southwest and contemporary art from North America.

Hike Through Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is located near Tucson and is home to the famous saguaros: the many-armed giant cacti that can grow to be fifteen meters high and two hundred years old. Animals you will see here are cougars, black bears, lynxes and foxes. The Bajada Loop Drive is the scenic route through the park and you can make regular stops here to admire the surroundings. Plus, there are plenty of hiking trails to follow if you’re up for a brisk walk. The Desert Discovery Nature Trail is a short half mile hike that starts near the visitor center. Valley View Overlook Trail is a 1.5-mile hike that leads to a stunning overlook with panoramic views of the desert, mountains, and saguaros.

Saguaro National Park