Americus, Georgia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to agooddir, Americus, Georgia is bordered by several cities and towns, all offering unique attractions and experiences. To the north is the small town of Plains, best known as the hometown of former President Jimmy Carter. This town features several attractions including a museum dedicated to the former president and his family, a replica of the White House Oval Office, and a walking tour highlighting sites from his childhood.

Heading east from Americus lies Leesburg, an historic town with plenty of charm. This city offers visitors a variety of activities such as visiting nearby Providence Canyon State Park for hikes and nature walks or exploring its downtown area which features unique shops and restaurants.

To the south lies Cordele, a city that is rich in history with many historic sites to explore. This city features attractions such as Andersonville National Historic Site which commemorates Civil War prisoners of war or Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park which honors those who served in all American wars since World War I.

To the west lies Buena Vista, home to many outdoor activities such as golfing at Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club or exploring Kinney’s Mill which was built in 1828. Buena Vista also boasts an array of recreational opportunities including boating on Lake Blackshear or fishing at one of its many lakeside parks.

Overall, Americus is surrounded by several cities and towns that are sure to please visitors with their unique offerings and experiences. From outdoor activities to historic sites or shopping downtown there’s something for everyone to enjoy when visiting this charming region!

Americus, Georgia

Population of Americus, Georgia

Americus, Georgia is home to a population of 17,041 people according to the 2019 US Census. The population of this city is comprised of a diverse mix of ethnicities and backgrounds. The largest ethnic group in the city is African American which makes up nearly 54% of the population while White Americans make up around 38%. Other ethnic groups include Hispanic or Latino (3.9%), Asian (2.6%) and Native American (0.3%).

The median age in Americus is 33 years old with a slightly larger proportion (50%) of females than males (49%). The median household income for the city is $35,066 with 22% of families living below the poverty line. Additionally, there are around 6,000 households within the city limits with an average family size of nearly three people per household.

The majority of the population in Americus works in sales and office occupations as well as educational services and healthcare activities which together make up over 40% of employment in this city. Other industries that employ a good portion of residents include transportation and warehousing, construction, professional scientific, management and administrative services along with food services and accommodation.

Overall, Americus has a diverse population that consists primarily of African Americans while also including other ethnicities such as White Americans, Hispanic or Latino, Asian and Native American individuals. The majority work in sales and office occupations or educational services while many others are employed in transportation or food service related industries.

Schools and Education in Americus, Georgia

The Americus-Sumter County School System serves the city of Americus and Sumter County. The school system consists of 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools, all of which are accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

The school system offers a wide variety of programs to its students. These include Advanced Placement courses, Dual Enrollment courses, Career Technical Education programs, an International Baccalaureate program and a robust special education program. In addition to these programs, the school system also offers numerous extracurricular activities such as athletics, performing arts and clubs that give students an opportunity to explore their interests outside of the classroom.

The student-teacher ratio in Americus is 15:1 which is lower than the national average of 16:1. The graduation rate for students in this district is also above average at 83%, which is higher than the state average of 80%.

Overall, Americus-Sumter County School System offers a comprehensive education for its students with numerous academic and extracurricular opportunities available. The student-teacher ratio is lower than the national average and the graduation rate is higher than state average giving parents peace of mind when it comes to their child’s education.

Places of Interest in Americus, Georgia

Americus, Georgia is a great place to explore and there are plenty of interesting places to visit. The city is home to the Andersonville National Historic Site, which is a memorial to the thousands of Union soldiers who were held as prisoners of war during the Civil War. It includes a museum, cemetery and a national park.

The Rylander Theater is an iconic venue in Americus that dates back to 1924. It hosts a variety of events from concerts and plays to film screenings throughout the year. The theater was recently renovated and now offers modern amenities such as air-conditioning and digital projection equipment.

The Habitat for Humanity International headquarters are located in Americus, and visitors can take tours of the facilities or volunteer in their local projects. The headquarters also host special events throughout the year such as their annual Global Village Conference which brings together people from around the world to discuss housing issues.

The historic downtown area has many buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, including several churches, homes, and public buildings that date back to 1800s. There are also several art galleries featuring works by local artists along with restaurants offering delicious Southern cuisine.

Overall, Americus offers many interesting places that appeal to people of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for historical sites or entertainment venues there’s something for everyone in this charming Southern city!