Against The Rain of Spring… Barbour Jacket: Trembles Trench, Which Returns Your Competition

This type of as typically British jackets, very characteristic of the English countryside since they were created especially for hunting, had its boom in the 1990s among lovers of the more conservative look: jacket Barbour, like the Belstaff jackets, it is a symbol of resistance among the more “posh” sectors. Immune to passing trends is the typical garment that remains hanging in the closets of those who at some point were encapricharon with her and contradictions of the fashionable, timeless as it is though it was perishable, now returns with force.

Who better than Olivia Palermo to retrieve it and give you a fully current air? I love how she takes her midway between the trench and the parka, unbuckled and belted out.

Which crimp the loop in this sense is Gala Gonzalez, and although it retains the british touch, giving you a fairly Bohemian.