Abbeville, Alabama

Abbeville, Alabama is bordered by several cities and towns, each offering its own unique atmosphere. To the north lies the town of Headland, which boasts a small-town feel with its Main Street lined with quaint shops and restaurants. Heading south from Abbeville is the city of Dothan, an urban center with plenty of amenities for those looking for an exciting nightlife. The nearby city of Ozark is known for its outdoor activities and offers a range of options from hiking trails to fishing spots. Further east from Abbeville lies Eufaula, a historic town that sits along Lake Eufaula and offers visitors a chance to explore the area’s rich past. Finally, to the west lies the town of Daleville, home to several museums and galleries that celebrate the region’s culture and heritage. With so many great cities and towns right on Abbeville’s doorstep, it’s easy to see why this small Alabama town has become such a popular destination for travelers.

Abbeville, Alabama

Population of Abbeville, Alabama

Abbeville, Alabama is a small town located in Henry County with a population of 2,639 according to the 2019 U.S. Census Bureau. The majority of this population is white (72%), followed by Black or African American (24%), and Hispanic or Latino (2%). The average age of the residents in Abbeville is 35 years old, slightly younger than the median age in Alabama which is 37. The gender ratio here is approximately equal with 49% male and 51% female.

The median household income for Abbeville is $32,837 which is slightly lower than the median income for Alabama of $41,750. Around 15% of the population lives below the poverty line with many relying on government assistance programs such as food stamps and Medicaid for their survival. Unemployment levels are also higher than the national average at 6%, though this figure has been steadily declining since its peak of 7.7% in 2017.

Despite these economic challenges, Abbeville remains a vibrant community with an active civic life and local organizations that provide support to its residents. The city has several churches, schools, parks and libraries that are used by both local citizens and visitors alike. With its close proximity to larger cities such as Dothan and Ozark, Abbeville offers residents easy access to amenities while still maintaining its small-town charm.

Schools and Education in Abbeville, Alabama

Abbeville, Alabama is served by the Henry County School District. This district includes six schools: Abbeville High School, Abbeville Middle School, Abbeville Elementary School, Newville Elementary School, Headland High School and Headland Middle School. The total enrollment for these schools is 3,829 students. Check topschoolsintheusa for top high schools in Alabama.

Abbeville High School offers a comprehensive curriculum including math, science, English language arts and social studies. The school also provides a variety of elective classes such as art and music. Abbeville Middle School focuses on helping students transition into high school with classes in core academic subjects as well as electives in physical education and family consumer science. Abbeville Elementary is the district’s only K-5 school and offers a comprehensive instructional program to prepare students for the transition to middle school.

Henry County also has several private schools including Faith Christian Academy and Woodland Christian Academy which offer religious education to students in grades pre-K through 12th grade. Several colleges are located within driving distance of Abbeville including Troy University (Dothan campus), Wallace Community College (Dothan campus) and Enterprise State Community College (Enterprise campus).

The town of Abbeville is committed to providing a quality education for its students. The district provides all students with the opportunity to succeed through its various academic, extracurricular and community service activities. The district also offers a variety of support services such as counseling and tutoring to help students reach their full potential. Finally, Abbeville has an active Parent Teacher Association that works hard to promote educational excellence in the community.

Places of Interest in Abbeville, Alabama

Abbeville, Alabama is a small town located in the southeastern corner of the state. It is known for its charm and easy access to amenities. The town has a variety of places of interest for visitors and residents alike.

One of the most popular attractions in Abbeville is the Henry County Museum. This museum houses exhibits on local history, culture, and art, as well as artifacts from Abbeville’s past. Visitors can also explore historic buildings on the grounds such as an old schoolhouse, a post office building and a general store.

The Abbeville Town Square is another popular destination in town. This area features a variety of shops, restaurants and galleries that are sure to please any visitor or resident. The square also has several statues honoring local heroes such as Confederate General William J. Hardee who was born in Abbeville.

For those looking to enjoy nature, there are several parks located throughout the city including Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Park which features walking trails, picnic areas and playgrounds; Veteran’s Park which offers soccer fields; and Lake Harding Park which provides fishing opportunities for visitors.

Finally, there are several churches located in Abbeville including First Baptist Church which was founded in 1843; St Luke United Methodist Church which was built in 1870; and Trinity Episcopal Church which was established in 1872. Each of these churches offers its own unique history and charm that will be sure to delight visitors to this small town.