8 Most Beautiful Universities in the World

We know that beauty is very subjective. In some cases, however, it is an aspect that cannot be denied! This is the case with some universities that have incredible buildings, sensational gardens and extraordinary libraries! We know that beauty is not and should not be the definitive criterion for you to choose where to do your exchange. However, studying in a place that is pleasing to the eye is not bad, right? Then check out the list of the most beautiful universities in the world that we made for you!

8 most beautiful universities in the world

1. Peking University (China)

On the site of the imperial gardens of the ancient Qing dynasty, near the Summer Palace. In this way, the campus incorporated much of the original landscaping and historic buildings into its design.

2. Cambridge University (United Kingdom)

Founded in the 13th century, Cambridge University is one of the most famous institutions in the world. Its oldest faculties are located along the River Cam. There, it is tradition to dive into the river and admire the university buildings. The Gothic stone buildings are detailed with sculptures and stained glass, making the campus very imposing.

3. University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Founded in 1290, the University of Coimbra is one of the oldest universities in the world. It has been built over the centuries, and its beauty comes from historic architecture. This is even more evident in the Cathedral of Santa Cruz, in the faculties of the 16th century, in the Royal Palace of Alcáçova and in the Baroque forms of the Biblioteca Joanina, for example. But when you visit, be sure to also visit the impressive Chapel of São Miguel.

4. Stanford University (USA)

The Stanford University is in California, near Palo Alto. The beauty is due to the architectural combination of the Romanesque and Mission Revival styles. As such, the university’s design is characterized by stone buildings, which are connected by arches and red roofs. In addition to the buildings, the 32 km² campus land includes a lake and woods full of trails.

5. Trinity College (Ireland)

The Trinity College, also known as the University of Dublin, is famous for its beautiful historic buildings, which are arranged in quadrangles around the campus lawns. The historic architecture is evident throughout the university. Proof of this are the arched ceiling and dark wood of the Long Room in the Old Library, in addition to the institution’s belfry.

6. Bologna University (Italy)

As one of the oldest universities in the world, the campus of the University of Bologna in Italy is filled with architecture and art. Stone and wood carvings adorn the red stone buildings and medieval towers, which are joined by kilometers of porches. When you’re there, it’s worth following the cobbled streets and visiting the upper part of the city, where you will have a beautiful view from the top of the campus.

7. Cape Town University (South Africa)

Located on the slopes of Pico do Diabo in South Africa, the University of Cape Town is the oldest educational institution in the country. The university’s red-roofed stone buildings provide an imposing contrast to the surrounding mountains and peaks. The beauty of the university lies precisely in this combination of the grandeur of the landscape with the architecture! In addition, the institution is also considered the best university on the entire African continent.

8. Moscow State University (Russia)

The Moscow State University in Russia, impressive in both size and structure. The main building, in Soviet style, is on a hill above the Moskva River and is the tallest educational building in the world. The main tower (between seven skyscrapers) is flanked by two wings, and the entire structure is lit up at night.