6 Tips to Start a New Job Well

Starting a new job is something important. However, many times our nerves get the better of us and can play against us on that first day. It is very normal for this to happen to us. For this reason, we have compiled the best tips to help you relieve those typical nerves the first day and start strong in your position for your first week at work.

6 Tips to Start a New Job Well


This may seem obvious, but it is the key to success, it is very simple: being punctual at work makes your boss see that you are still the same person who is enthusiastic and responsible for the interview.


You have been hired, now is the time to measure up It’s always better to dress more formally at first, but you also have to take the company culture into account.


During your first week, you are going to receive a lot of new information, so you should spend most of your time listening.


Is there something that confuses you or that you are just curious about? This is the time to ask questions. Think of the first few weeks as your “grace period”, your coworkers and your boss will be very willing to answer your questions, so shoot! In addition, there is nothing worse than having to admit, three months late, that you have not understood a complicated process that seemed very simple at the time. Asking questions will also show your enthusiasm and interest in the position, which is always a good thing.


You may not dare the first few days, and that is normal, but it is important that you overcome that shyness and introduce yourself to everyone. You will come across as a confident and cheerful person, and it will help you get off on the right foot. Also do your best to remember the names of your colleagues, because there is nothing worse than having to avoid eye contact with someone because you have forgotten their name.


Do you know exactly what is expected of you? If not, this is what the first week is for. Sit down with your boss, go beyond the job description and clear up anything that is not well defined. You will see that this will make your job easier and your boss will be impressed by your pro-active attitude.

Some social media mistakes that can cost you your job

Social networks are a fundamental tool that not only keep us in communication with friends and family, they are also a key element to promote quality hiring, even these media are positioned as the essential source of recruitment with a percentage of 57% of preference However, we must be alert to how we operate within them, since there are a series of errors in social networks that can cost you the use of which we will talk to you next .

Just as they can be very useful, we can also make mistakes in social networks that can cost you your job , so it is essential to remember that they give us a degree of reputation, and if the index of it is high or low depends on the following factors;

1.- Frequently show your political preference

This is generally considered unprofessional and can be misinterpreted, causing a negative image of yourself.

2.- Do not highlight your skills and strengths

Remember that social networks can be very useful if you use them to publicize your skills and strengths, if you do not, you could close the possibility of getting good jobs.

3.- Neglecting your privacy

This factor is very important, since considering that we also use social networks for personal and non-professional use, it is important to have our privacy configured within them, or to have separate accounts for business and for personal use.

4.- Bad spelling

Sometimes we forget to write well while on social networks, and it even becomes common, but remember that you must take care of your image at all times, and this is one of the mistakes in social networks that can cost you your job , and not it is for less.

Remember, take care of the details mentioned here so that you do not make mistakes in social networks that could cost you your job , or your future job opportunities, remember to use these tools well to make them your allies.