5 Characteristics that Every Professional Should Have

The current requirements around the ideal employee force them to specialize, think and act strategically and be well informed, among other things. Learn what companies expect from you.

5 Characteristics that Every Professional Should Have

Here are 5 essential characteristics to be an excellent professional.

  1. Global vision

In addition to being good at what you do, it is important to understand what the impacts of your work are. Having a global vision helps in communication in general.

  1. Be well informed

We now live in the information society. Who is informed will always have an advantage. Nothing better than talking to someone who dominates and knowing about the work they do.

  1. Ease of technology

The most important and fundamental tool in our work environment is undoubtedly technology, knowing the work equipment and the gadgets that will make it easier for you to do it is always a great plus.

  1. Languages ​​(including good Portuguese)

In an increasingly globalized world, having knowledge of another language, mainly English, will provide you with greater opportunities for growth and professional development.

  1. Continuing education

Workshops, short courses, conferences and postgraduate courses, among others. There will always be something valued by companies. Knowledge is very valuable, so you have to commit and take advantage of the opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Conclusion, the Languages ​​as the other characteristics listed must be part of you and each project you carry out, by having them you will see the benefits they give you immediately.

Mindset to achieve your goals

The success of a person lies in the way in which he approaches to achieve his personal goals and objectives, be they work, in his private life or academic. To obtain them, there are several tools and / or theories, such as the mindset. So today we tell you about this mindset to achieve your goals.

What is the mindset? is a theory developed by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, it is based on the human ability to embrace flaws, persevere and believe that a personality change is possible, in other words the mentality of the possible.

Based on this definition, a person who has a fixed mentality finds it more difficult to grow, while a person who is willing to learn and achieve his goals, achieves it more easily.

Likewise, the studies carried out based on the theory showed that people are motivated at the beginning of a new project, this includes the beginning of academic or work activities, the new year and any other activity in which it is beginning.

For this reason, it is important to take advantage of the motivation generated by the change and start of a project to achieve personal goals, people who are open to change, manage to achieve the objectives they plan.

The Mindset theory is based on “If you think you grow and are open to growing, you are more likely to grow. If you are closed to change, it is more likely that, in effect, you will never change ”, so if you want to achieve your goals, you must make the changes that you consider necessary and approach them as a new beginning.

It is also necessary to incorporate new periods of time into our life, to put distance between our current “I”, which is what we are living, and the past self, which was what we lived.

This theory is based on 4 aspects that you can apply to start with your mindset to achieve your goals:

1.- Be aware of the voice of your fixed mentality
2.- Know that there are always options
3.- Speak with the voice of the possible
4.- Opt for the possible

The important thing is to set goals, then look for the tools to achieve them, this theory presents a different way to obtain them, just focus on what you really want and run after your goals.