5 Best Medical Schools in Canada

In addition to aptitude, medical students also need to have quality education. And that is not lacking in medical schools in Canada: the top 5 in the country are listed among the 50 best ranked in the world, according to the topschoolsintheusa. There, educational institutions address several areas and have a special concern for the health of the country’s indigenous population. Are you interested? Then learn more about the best medical courses in the country!

What are the best medical schools in Canada?

University of Toronto

The best medical course in Canada is the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, which is also one of the oldest in the country. It was founded in 1843, almost 177 years ago! Since then, this institution has been at the forefront when it comes to health research and innovation. Just to illustrate, it was there that the use of insulin was discovered and that studies on stem cells were developed for the first time. The faculty is divided into more than 25 departments and institutes, which are specialized in areas such as Anesthesia, Surgery and Pediatrics, for example. In addition, there are currently 18 research centers that are linked to the faculty.

University of Toronto Medical School Building

McGill University

Even older than the University of Toronto, the McGill University School of Medicine was founded in 1829, when the Montreal Medical Institute was incorporated by the institution. The college is divided into three schools: the School of Science and Communication Disorders, the School of Nursing and the School of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. In addition, there are also several research centers involved in studies on pain, neuroscience and aging, for example.

McGill University Medical School Headquarters

University of British Columbia

Unique in the province of British Columbia, the UBC School of Medicine has the second largest medical degree program in Canada and the fifth largest on the US-Canada axis. Despite all the prestige (and size), it is a new faculty in relation to the first two placed: it was founded in 1950, “only” 70 years ago. In all, the university’s Faculty of Medicine receives more than 2800 students and has about 6700 employees.

McMaster University

The McMaster University School of Medicine was founded in 1966 and renamed it Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine in 2004, as a tribute to a Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Unlike most other universities, the period of study to graduate as a doctor (MD) at McMaster University is 3 years. In other institutions, this time is generally 4 years. Since its formation, the school has adopted a curriculum supported by case studies, which is known as “problem-based learning” (PBL).

McMaster University Medical School Medical Center

Montreal University

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal is one of four located in the province of Quebec. It was founded in 1843, just like the one at the University of Toronto, and was the first French-speaking school of medicine in Montreal. The institution has 15 departments, 3 schools, about 700 teachers (not counting clinicians), in addition to receiving more than 6,000 students. There, the faculty offers professional development activities through the Department of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and educational training through the Center for Pedagogy Applied to Health Sciences (CPASS).