4 Tips to Make a Perfect CV

Well they say that the first impression is the one that counts and more when we try to present ourselves through a sheet of paper or a text. It is precisely there where the importance of creating a good curriculum vitae lies that allows us to offer our experience in the correct way and above all, to make ourselves known as professionals. Although we all know more or less how to make a resume, it never hurts to repeat some tips to improve a generic resume and add some personality to it.

4 Tips to Make a Perfect CV

Follow these six steps and your resume will make it to the top of the hiring manager’s heap.


Applying to different jobs and companies with the same CV is the most effective way to get your application rejected. This is why it is very important that you make sure that your resume fits the job description. Analyze the job and company description and use similar language, adapting your profile according to what they are looking for. Sure, not including false information!

Have a base resume that summarizes everything you have done, studied and achieved, and that you can quickly edit for each position that interests you.

  • Our Tip:Make your resume relevant to the position by rearranging your skills or accomplishments so that the most important ones are immediately displayed and the person reading your resume doesn’t have to search for them.


A mistake that is always made is falling into the common. It is already known that you want the job, but one way to show that you are actually the missing piece in that company is by showing a short statement of objectives, of 1 or 2 sentences, at the top of the resume, a short introduction, if you like. Instead of telling companies what they already know, use it to tell them who you are, what your passions are (something related to the position you apply for), and how you can contribute to the success of the company. Make sure the text is good, short and direct.

  • Our Tip:highlight the targets with another font color (something subtly different, like gray instead of black) or italicize it – be careful not to go overboard with the color scheme, the goal in the end is for you to have a resume looking clean and professional.

Keep in mind this short list to have a CV ready

  • Choose a readable font size. Small words tire the eyes and don’t get interviews.
  • Leave blank spaces. Improve readability and make your resume look more professional.
  • Use bullets. You are not writing a novel, you are summarizing your achievements.
  • Write in active voice and use action verbs, such as “Implementé”, “Mejoé”, “Gestioné”, etc.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Errors are not allowed.
  • Save and send your CV in PDF format. Anyone can read a PDF and thus the layout will not be altered, as can happen with a Word document.

Your resume looks great, you’re ready to apply for your dream job, and now you have to make sure that a Google search will show your good side too. As you always have to assume that a potential company will search for you online, it is very important that your online profile is good and that your LinkedIn profile matches your resume. It doesn’t have to be the exact same information, but it should increase your appeal and include some additional information (links to things you’ve written, recommendations from colleagues or bosses), things that are difficult to include on your resume.

  • Our Tip:Don’t forget to include your language skills on your LinkedIn profile, especially if you are applying for an international position. For the English language we recommend that you have a validation document such as the TOEFL, etc.