4 Characteristics of an Impact Leader

Being a leader is a function that many of us will be covering when pursuing a career in the business world, this means that we have to be prepared to face the challenges that it entails, for this reason, today we bring you the 4 characteristics of a impact leader.

4 Characteristics of an Impact Leader

1. Have clarity

If you plan to guide others in your search for success, it is essential that you know very well what you want first. This is a bit of the determination of the teenager who says “I want something” and seeks all possible means to get it.

As time goes by we become more passive but if we are always clear about what we are looking for, it is easier to regain that momentum and therefore, to achieve it, for this reason, to be an impact leader, always keep your mind clear.

2. Have focus

Many times we will have to say “yes” and many times we will have to say “no”, and it is these small decisions that can turn a project into a triumph or a hard lesson to learn.

Focus refers to the ability to be present at all times and to know with certainty why one or another decision is being made.

3. Have drive

Force and thrust are two characteristics that can propel your boat at great speeds when you are in search of your objectives.

You need to ask yourself how much you are willing to give since in order to go far, this is an equation that is made up of equal parts.

4. Be resourceful

Ingenuity is the key to problem solving, it is about the ability that allows you to create fictitious scenarios in your mind, covering each of the existing possibilities and, from there, making the best decision.

An ingenious leader is a leader capable of going one step ahead of others and therefore, generate trust and admiration on the part of his work teams.

These 4 characteristics of an impact leader cannot be missing from your repertoire of skills, now that you know them, if you know that you can improve them, do not hesitate to do so , what other skills do you find important to be an impact leader?

Business leaders of tomorrow learn to work with AI

Artificial intelligence is a latent reality that is gaining strength and this is why the business leaders of tomorrow learn to work with AI. This is the way to ensure an effective interaction with these types of advances and transfer it to your field of work.

Knowing the importance of this issue, institutions such as MIT , Insead of France, Harvard Business School and Sloan School , have begun to include classes focused 100% on AI within their MBA programs, thus achieving both progress in their program, how to meet the needs of the labor market for the following years.

Among the new courses included in their programs are learning to manage applications and algorithms that help business performance.

AI or artificial intelligence combines human reasoning with advanced technology computing equipment, such is the case of Siri from Apple Inc. or Alexa from Amazon.com Inc. The application of technologies to the business world is getting stronger. and simply for 2017 a global investment of $ 8 billion USD is projected, advancing in the race to achieve investing a total of $ 47 billion by 2020, a reality that will undoubtedly change the game and makes it clear to us why Business leaders tomorrow learn to work with AI.

One of the main objectives of these programs is to help MBA graduates understand the application development process and the generation of algorithms to meet the needs of various fields of the corporate world.

An important part of this technological environment in the business world is Big Data, material that is used to predict the behavior of users through information that includes wages, houses, shopping habits, etc. Information that, when processed effectively, can help the professional understand the target market of their business and how to approach it to obtain the desired results.