3x Swimwear Style/3 Summer Looks

Now that the summer is coming, and the bikini trends are all hot & happening again, we can finally put on all the great parts! I have just returned from a summer vacation in Curacao and it has been my fault that it is a shame to wear your favorite bikini or bathing suit just on the beach. With my new favorite bikini , the bright pink Frunk Triangle Top and the matching low-rise Rio bikini slip, I’ll show you how to easily and quickly create three different summer looks!

Look 1:Beach Babe
Of course, I put my latest must-have bikini right to my first leap into the sea.The browner I became, the more beautiful the color of this bikini appeared!I combine my bikinis on the beach always with a Pareo .This is superpractical and fashionista-proof at the same time!You can just throw this cloth over for a refreshing cocktail if you want to spend a little more time on the beach bar than your bikini, and I’ll put the blanket around my head.Complete your look with sunglasses and matching nail polish and your day as a beach babe is nothing more in the way!

Look 2:Early Dinner
You know this:A day at the beach just flies by and before you realize, it’s already time for dinner! And then I am always faced with the same dilemma. Option 1: first back to the hotel to take a shower, change my clothes and then sit down with too much hunger and too late at the table. Or Option 2: a small touch-up and my beach look into a beach-meets-casual-outfit. You have guessed it already: Option 2! Take a pair of nice jeans shorts from ripped denim, sandals or flip flops – a hat and possibly a crochet top, and you’re ready to shine at your early dinner. Tip: Wear a transparent top, under which your bikini can still be seen, or wear your bathing suit as a top!

Look 3:Party time
With us in Holland you can see more and more often in nice weather: Swimwear conquers the festival grounds! My looks for the early dinner have inspired me to combine my favorite bikini into a party look. In Curaçao the cheerful happy hour begins early in the evening and is still dancing until the night on bare feet in the sand while the sun goes down. The perfect opportunity to wear my bikini once on the “dance floor” and later – who knows – jump into the sea!

Whether you’re a bikini- or swimsuit fan: you can combine both with the three looks! On vacation, comfort, ease and relaxation are very important, so I love the multitasking with my bikini

What is the best look with the financedns.com Fringe Triangle Top and the matching low-rise Rio bikini brief? Tell me, I’m very excited!