3 Tips to Choose the Best MBA

You know that the process to choose a Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) can become a bit complicated, you have to dedicate time to your essay; take the GMAT and review the different business schools on the market, all while dealing with your busy work and personal schedule.

That is why Peter Von Loeckse director of “The MBA Tour” tells you these three tips to narrow the list of universities, optimize the search and facilitate the final selection process.

3 Tips to Choose the Best MBA

1. Decide on your career goals

This step is the most important in the process. You must ask yourself, why have you decided to study an MBA ? And in what industry do you want to work? Answering these questions is essential, schools are looking for students with clear and defined goals.

2. Make a list about programs, school and work

You can use these questions to make sure that the schools on your list meet the requirements you have as criteria to achieve your career goals. Some sample questions are:

How much time do you want to dedicate to the program?

Where do you want the school to be located?

What is the best teaching style for you?

How big are the groups in each class?

Where do MBA graduates work?

Do you have any connection between the MBA and a company where you want to work?

3. Meet people from schools and talk to them

Talk to people at the school (admissions directors, graduates, students…) this could give you a better insight into what the campus culture is like. Attending an MBA Tour session can help with this and achieve one-on-one interaction with the admissions recruiters. You will also have the opportunity to make a good impression on the recruiters.

London Business School

London Business School, for many the best MBA school in the world, visited us on September 25 for a personalized session with the GSG community. In this talk, Alessandra Gazzola: Recruitment and Admissions Manager, talked with the guests about the benefits of the MBA programs: Full time and Executive.

Among the most important topics, the perspectives of an LBS graduate after an MBA program were discussed. The pros and cons to consider before applying to such a competitive program and the prior preparation that every candidate must have. Ms. Gazzola was quite emphatic in mentioning the requirement of the program so the filter when entering is quite high. It was pleasant to hear from London Business School the quality of Peruvian graduates who have passed through its classrooms and the prestigious community with which they still maintain contact. Alessandra also spoke about the admissions process, the importance of the GMAT, and other specific characteristics within their programs.

“An important point when considering any MBA program, but especially London Business School, is the network that one acquires by being part of the LBS community extended worldwide and represented by successful top executives. At LBS, about 800 students, from 70 countries, graduate each year, so this community continues to grow ”.

LBS is quite demanding with its candidates and takes interest not only in the GMAT or GPA, but also in previous experience and extracurricular activities. “We are looking not only for excellent professionals but also for excellent people who have tangible aspirations and motivations and who can have an impact on society. This comes out at the time of the personal interviews that all candidates have to go through, ”Gazzola mentioned.

London, networking, prestige and a good education is what awaits you at London Business School, start with a simple step to this school, come to Grad School Guru and ensure a high score on your GMAT.