15 Zara Dresses That Set The Trend This Spring/Summer 2012 with Which Te Quedas?

This summer is my ruin! and sure many of you. I love both trends that are neither I have wardrobe or money to buy it all. In this post I show 15 dresses Zara in the collection Spring/summer 2012 where can you see gauze, lace, sexy back and much pink cake.

Between clear and cake walk game


This season will see many carved proposals in chiffon. Zara can find this dress long asymmetrical and original back on the air, that it can wear it during the day to go to the office, since it is very coy ahead, combined with a black blazer or color; or during the night, with heels in cream or gold sandals, and gilded accessories.

The minimalist style do not abandon us. And I thank you, because there is every proposal extremely elegant and refined. It is the case of this sophisticated design of rounded shoulders that remind me of the proposals of Calvin Klein. A perfect dress to go to work in the spring, combined with plug-ins in camel or pink if you want to brighten up your look. And how, in pink Cake tone star this summer.

Divine and very stylish is this design which looks like a two-piece, but is actually a dress. Has it all: It is sophisticated, it’s sexy and hauntingly feminine. It fascinates me! It is a sensual minimalism and very wearable. I see it appropriate even for a wedding in the morning with a beautiful headdress. I love cute steering wheel detail.

In the same style, but with even more defined shapes, thanks to its marked waist, it is this mini-dress with bright touches, perfect for a morning event.

Comfortable, lightweight and good girl is this ideal to wear during the summer evenings mini-dress. A proposal of fashion thanks to the neck bib, a trend that started in winter and that lingers in the summer. With a few wedges or a few dancers, you will get a perfect look for shopping.

And as yet not gonna be rosita, it seems that there is no other color, I included a proposal in blue that combines one of the fashions of this summer: the pleated skirts. A perfect dress to delight with a styling of day.



The proposals of lace they come in a revamped version. The drawings of the fabric are different and the colors more varied, not only raw, also Blue, yellow, green… almost always Cake, Although there are winks with floral prints.

One of the options is the mixture of lace and opaque fabrics as the model Cake blue, which I think is ideal.

More Baroque options comes from the hand of the flowers, that are combined with flitter giving rise to almost Brocade fabrics or and in other cases, the slopes are floral print and the bodies of Black Lace, a blend that I fails to convince.

To show off during the evening


A summer in a house or a rooftop cocktail party requires an appropriate styling. If you want to innovate, singles with a long dress. The choice of Zara’s this long model of lightly pleated skirt with various openings and back on the air, is very tempting.

If you want something more informal the Mini-vestidos with fringe details they are perfect for the occasion, the same can look them with a high wedges that with a pair of sandals. This model is available in klein blue and green.

If the party is more formal and glamorous, a little black dress is the best choice. From dresses to style Audrey Hepburn with cross back included, up to the most minimalist or asymmetric options.


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26 best images about Vestidos primaverales on Pinterest ...

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26 best Vestidos primaverales images on Pinterest …

26 best Vestidos primaverales images on Pinterest ...

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