SAT Test Centers

Most of the top universities in the U.S. require the applicant to take a standardized admissions test, in this case the  SAT. Standing for School Aptitude Test defined on, the SAT is the test most used as a college entrance exam; approximately 1.4 million students take it each year.


This is a 3 hour and 45 minute test that measures a student’s critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills. That is to say, it does not measure the ability to memorize a lot of information but rather the reasoning ability of the applicants.

According to, the test is divided into three sections (critical reading, mathematics, and writing) and each section receives a score between 200 to 800.

Parts that make up the exam:
A) Writing: 60 minutes.
Grammar, usage and diction. Multiple choice questions (score 70%) + short writing (score 30%).

B) Mathematics:70 minutes.
Numbers and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; statistics; probability, and data analysis. Three subsections: two, 25 minutes long, and another, 20 minutes long (multiple choice questions).

C) Critical reading:70 minutes.
Critical reading, comprehension / vocabulary test. Three sub-sections: two, 25 minutes, and another, 20 minutes.

Since the SAT is a staple in the college admissions process, it is important to prepare well for a high score. The SAT score is valid for five years.

How to prepare for the SAT test? 

Our site has at your disposal the SAT course in group or individual modalities. This month you can measure your current SAT level by taking a diagnostic test with us. This free exam will measure your level, give you an approximate score and specific recommendations within the areas of the exam in which you should focus your study.