Undressed For The Beach

Beach fashion is a very interesting phenomenon.For girls, it is a widespread concept that Ebba von Sydow and Sofi Fahrman devotes several column metres to tell about this summer’s bikini. Beach fashion for guys, however, is a topic for which there are written very much about. For although many guys certainly is far månare to show off the results of all the hard work at the gym than the color of their swimwear on the beach, there is also space to choose their clothes with care. To provide a little inspiration, here are a colorful and somewhat eccentric outfit. Just don’t forget to switch on before going back into town.

10Deep Be Cool Tee (450 kr, Caliroots.com) – A t-shirt as in many other contexts might seem incredibly trite and silly can fit on the beach. The case, however, that it is done with tongue in cheek as this from 10Deep.

Swimwear (£ 59, Ellos.se)–for those who are not particularly fond of surfer style, it is quite difficult to find shorts that are neither feels sad or as if they are made for professional swimmers. This couple is, according to calculatorinc.com, a bit retro and cool.

Sunglasses Andy Henrik Vibskov (£ 1250, tresbienshop.se/) – it is important to dare to try some odd combinations, to match the glasses with the t-shirt. Henrik toksköna exhibition highlights Henrik’s fashion sunglasses fit this casual outfit fabulous.

Sandals (£ 25, Asos.com)–many people choose a pair of flip-flops to the beach. However, regular be considerably Sandals kinder to your toes and foot. Here a pair of braided leather from Asos.

Tote Bag Akkaio (400 kr, Olydig.se) A tote bag is both practical and stylish to have with you on the beach. Here a nice variation from Akkio whose purple blooms matches t-shirtens color.