Trends a Discussion: Prints Double Yes or Not?

There are trends that is hard to see them on the street for being too risky and difficult to work well. During printing, the print double, combining or not top with the one below it is a must for the fashionistas who want to remove honors. This girl wears jacket and pants in the same complicated drawing. Do you like?

Stamped twice in the shops

If you liked, you are lucky, because in stores we want to it put to the eyes, to see if both see it we just accepting it as a valid option to take to the streets. From Maje, patterned to ethnic.

Zara and her floral prints. By the way, that I have this blouse and feel great, and the touch is very soft.

Or mixing prints paisley.

Although the easiest option is bringing together black and white.

Topshop is another brand who has opted for the mix of prints, putting together garments of different prints that can be used in its loobook with each other.

And you have the last word, printed double Yes or not?