Style: a Style Guide, But a Fashion Reading Book For Connoisseurs

* With product placement – if a book “Style – love inspiration from women, the mode” means, I’ll curious. Because no question is more than that, what actually constitutes good style to fashion interested women. Or how they are stylish as possible. Or whether they are there already. So, the book landed on my reading list. And because the Callwey-Verlag apparently has an eye on the fashion Whisperer, the book was made simply me the review available. What a nice surprise! Because I would have bought it anyway…

Actually, there are stylish book report. Because the fashion journalist and blogger, Marlene Sørensen, in it portrayed several interesting women who reflect their attitude towards fashion and style. And give it quite incidental insight into their individual sense of fashion and many style secret to the best.

These personal stories are complemented by entertaining essays, fashion tips, and very specific shopping recommendations. I have for you – with great pleasure! -read.

The optics is – even fashion books!

“This is a good sign ever”, I was thinking, when I held the book in hands the first time. Because if a book “Style” means and already the cover, as well as the presentation are so stylish, as in this case, the expectation that the content is true then rises.

A special feature immediately catches the eye: the book cover was embroidered with the title! And as it emerges that “Stylish” even a history in video format its own calls. What book can say the same? Here you can take a look:

Thus the book from my point of view has already “coffee table status” achieved. A unique cover in friendly pastelligem Mint green, a high-quality paper, a design very attractive interior and beautifully photographed images – all of which qualified for the (stylish!) Living room decoration. Refined here: The format of the book, which is slightly smaller than the usual coffee-table books and is still clearly about the format of a reading book, dear Callwey-Verlag “Style” of course at the top of the book stack – very cleverly threaded occurs!

Need I say more? It was a real pleasure to read this book – alone due to look and feel! To do this, I recommend a cozy cashmere blanket, a pleasant scented candle with cinnamon or vanilla and a very comfortable sofa or bed with silk cushions… A book will be read also stylishly…

The great arc: from the fashion classics, winter and summer, to occasion fashion.

Content, the book on 175 pages suggests a very wide berth.

Chapter 1

It starts at the timeless classics of fashion. There are the usual suspects: shirt and blouse, pencil skirt, Blazer, striped shirttrench coat. These are listed the basic hand bags and shoes at least needs woman and other accessories.

Chapter 2

This is followed by an extension of this list, which is titled “The new classics”. Among other things the following items of clothing and shoes will be honoured: denim shirt and jeans, T-Shirt, the oversized trend, the Biker jacket and sneakers.

Chapter 3

In the third chapter the author and her fashion friends addressed the typical fashion questions if woman wants to go out. Party dressing is announced. There amusing and useful about the little black dresson high heels, to report jumpsuits and gold pleated skirts.

Chapter 4

In the chapter on summer fashion finally know the style experts to contribute some tips on the topics of pattern mix, sandals, bikini and swimwear and sunglasses. Also Dungarees are here discussed and exchanged insider knowledge about the case packing .

Chapter 5

The counterpart is in the chapter on winter fashion. Cashmere sweater, Chelsea boots, down jackets and coats in the conversation are little surprising here.

Chapter 6

Finally, a chapter on special occasions content rounds off the book. The appearance on the red carpet, the pregnancy, and the perfect wedding dress to be treated eventually also stylish.

An interesting list of manufacturers can be found at the end of the book. Interesting because here the many shopping tips and brand recommendations of fashion insiders, which continuously enrich the book, are summarized.

Not the what, but the how to make “Classy” so special.

If you have read this summary of the contents and are thinking: “That the usual fashion classics, which are listed in each base coat as a supposed”must-haves”are all”, then you’re right of course.

The special feature of the book is not what special way, as this fashionable trip is offered by a stylish base coat. Really insightful, interesting person portraits, about some thoughtful, partly humorous essays and funny talking to himself, to bulleted lists with tips, tricks and “how-to” guides – the book offers a colorful mix of text and illustration forms, to encircle the theme style. Here you realize that is the author of blogger – information appetisers are offered in easily digestible length.

My two favorites here:

  • The 5 minutes outfit solutions, which always go – because the proposals correspond exactly to my taste and under this title a really cool easy chic is presented.
  • The really entertaining and often humorous essays of the author taking sometimes surprising turns. If, for example, an old photo from student days, on which the author quite unconcerned wears a bib, mutates to the treatise on physical perfection claims and exaggerated self-criticism by women. Sørensen shows its literary power. The reader appreciated and smirks.

At all fun reading these facets of style, is entertaining and varied. And also very instructive here ultimately in a casual, light-footed way. According to style, color and figure types look here in vain a systematic manual. It’s a bit like style confetti throwing the author in the air and again fields. This implementation is full of aesthetic and artistic productions – and hits exactly the right nerve with me.

Also who convinces: interesting women with the desire for fashionable quality and timelessness

The special feature of the book is also not that surprising pieces of clothing or outlandish designs will be presented. Represented women and their style are almost soothingly normal – with few exceptions – on the contrary:. Classic with a twist, sporty modern silhouettes and pure understatement characterize their style statements.

Photographer, shop owner, top model, yoga teacher, singer, actress and blogger – all unites clarity, plainness and simplicity. There are no covered fashionistas or eccentric fashion icons, coming here to speak. But women actually love fashion – the title doesn’t lie!

These women know who they are. You did something – or: is something created – in life and arrived with him. Unpretentious. Left. Dormant stylistically in itself. And yet exciting, interesting and complex. And making it unique.

And so I made many internal hook reading: Yes, style comes from within and is designed from the inside out. All featured women have discovered her own style recipe based on their personality and their lifestyle . While it may be, that is a timeless basic plays a supporting role, which exists in many wardrobes. But is worn by the protagonist in a very unique way and combined. She’s embraced it.

Even more important for these women remain at your favorite look, invent new variations of the same parent theme. As a result, it is worth to invest – so those basics, that shape the basis of looks in the essentials of a style. This in turn brings the author to two basic statements that change like a red thread through the book:

And now you, dear reader, hopefully also understand why I absolutely wanted to present here this book you. If you goodbye once the idea of common style guide if you like stylish read, then still like to have a book, and look at, and if you feel addressed with above statements, then you have found her reading in the autumn.

If I could make you curious: Here you can download the book “stylish” buy from Amazon (affiliate link). Oh, and it is also a beautiful gift for a dear friend!

I look forward to your experiences!