Pencil Skirt: Tips For Assembling a Perfect Look

The pencil skirt appeared in the mid-50 as a synonym of elegance and femininity and more than half a century later, remains. A great play, especially for those who like a more social and formal, she is increasingly incorporated into everyday life.

Until a few years ago that model in a skirt, it’s fair and long, getting knee-length, but may vary a bit up or down, was used almost exclusively for professional environments, composing a visual really, today it has become more democratic and opening itself that fashion has currently allows it to be used even in productions well deprived and informal.

For each silhouette skirt

There are a few tips on the pencil skirt that will collaborate so that she appreciates the silhouette and be even better in the look. The following templates to the knee, at most, are great choices for those who want to stretch the body and to complement, a nude shoe helps even more. Who wants to shorten the silhouette, the right choice is the skirt with midi height, that is, below the knee. For covering more leg, she slows down the trunk.

Another tip is to use the colors of the come out to your favor. Bright colors and prints large increase hip, while dark colors or small prints with dark background underlie the region.


Despite the practicality that she presents at, the pencil skirt is still the perfect piece to have in the closet if you dress too formally. With a blazer and shirt, she composes visual ideal for a social event or even work (if that’s the kind of look you adopts professionally).

Already if you want to incorporate it into an edgier look, you can bet on transparencies on top or even, cracks in the room. Accessories like a good belt or striking parts will perfectly complement the visual.

Another option that this skirt model brings today is a mix of informal and social, for the day to day, especially. You can mount the production with a t-shirt or a basic blouse that will create this contrast with the cut of the skirt. On foot, it’s worth including bet on a shoe or sneaker.

An important tip in choosing a blouse to go with the skirt: outside skirt she masks the hips and lengthens the silhouette. Inside, she highlights the curves and flattens the trunk. Choose the best option for you!

If you haven’t invested in a pencil skirt, it’s time to venture. Find a model that falls right in your body and makes you comfortable and mount a look that will best represent your style. Be bold, be it formal or even totally casual, the pencil skirt is a great piece for any type of production and is sure to bring more versatility to your wardrobe. So, what will be the combination of today?