Neither Cold Nor Heat, The Maxicardigan Is The Solution

Last weeks of this long cold winter, and we are already almost boring our own locker and take several months looking the same. And the time is not to start brand new spring clothes yet. If the cold is not tightening, we can take our maxicardigan sheltered followers and create thousand ideas of looks.

The maxicardigan of ethnic style they are ideal to wear over a black style. Add the convenience of a few sports and perfect! If you like the shirt of Marinelahd, pointed out is that it is of Zara.

Another option to look the same cardigan: in White is also well.

In black, with jeans and with boots. Thus well combines a maxicardigan, as does Stella wants to die.

And if we dare to take it by way of? dress do with nothing underneath? Refrain frioleras. A maxijersey of Cos.